My New Blog

Although I started blogging long ago, but was exceedingly inconsistent. Like every other starter, I was confused on how to start a blog initially. But when I figured it out, I lost interest very soon. A lot of ideas came up but nothing could stand straight. I deleted several blogs in order to start afresh. It has been a long time now. But since I always wanted to own a blog, new desires emerged again. Yet again, I was confused that from where to start a blog.
Starting a blog is not a problem but how to start blogging and what do I blog about. Then I thought, let it be as simple as it can be. I decide to go random this time. This is my first blog post and yes I am accepting the fact that this might be just like the previous blogs. Therefore I have decided to just blog under this particular domain only. I am not sure as yet of what I will post and how often will I post. But I am sure that I will not step back this time.

How do I start my own blog? Well I decide for this post as a confession, as a remark, as a memento that will remind me of this day in future probably. 

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