Torture of a Woman Soul

I did not want to include this thing in my Blog at first but then I thought that I need to. I need to exclaim my anger, my sorrow, my anguish and my emotions.

The gang rape of Delhi girl has been all over the news. The media has been flooded with the shameful news and there is a loud voice that is being generated by the mass. The social media portals are filled with the anger of the people. A protest has been called on coming Saturday as well to demand a strict law against the rape cases.

I too read the case and it made me shiver. The girl has gone under fifth surgery. Her intestines are completely damaged. The have used a tube to facilitate secretions. According to the doctors, this is the most horrific and brutal rape case that have come across. Reportedly the girl was raped one by one by 6 men and then a rod was inserted in her genitals. She was thrown out of the bus after the animals were done.

Did it make you shiver? Coz it made me for sure. I have not recovered from even the thought of it since I have read it. She lies there in hospital fighting for her life to only be saved losing her womanhood. Four of the rapists are being held. Most probably they will be hanged for their crime. But how is that supposed to aid the girl?

There were people who saw it. The body of the girl thrown out of the bus remained there without clothes. None of the passerby could even cover her let alone be the thought of taking her to the hospital. When the police arrived, even then no one came forward to lift the body of the girl. All this time, she lied there in severe pain of the brutal injuries she had received.

In the hospital all she does in senses is cry. Is a life enough to forget the pain, the suffering, and the humiliation she felt? I don’t think so. Is she the only one? No. There are numerous cases which don’t even come to the acknowledgment of the people.

This shameless deed by some so called humans have let the humanity down. But couldn’t the people who saw it tried to help? There was no god that came to help the girl when she was going through the horrific phase however the devils were busy devouring her soul and flesh. I am mentioning it coz I need people to act rather than praying for the girl’s health. There is no one to pray to. It is us who can bring a change.

The people have stopped caring about anything that is not related to them. But beware as it could be any girl.

Sentencing the culprits to death is not a decision that will bring a change. I feel glad though that it will at least provide some relief to the victim. But what about the future? Will the punishment stop it?

We just keep sharing our consents which is very much true in my case as well, but we are not doing much to aid the situation. It will be shouted by almost every citizen and then be subsided down as the time progresses. That is how it happens most of the times.

If the voice has been raised, I sincerely wish that this time people do not fall back of their demands. Rape should be considered as the worst crime and the punishments should be severe. We need a strict law. We need to let a fear rise among the people. Only then the raised voice will be fruitful. Otherwise it will be forgotten very soon and the wait will be there till some other miss-happening occurs.

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