Eleven Minutes (Paulo Coelho)

eleven minutes paulo coelho

Eleven minutes is an adult fiction written by Paulo Coelho. It was released in 2003 though I read it recently. To tell you all, this is my first novel of Paulo Coelho. Was I into reading that much? No I kind of just started some time back but not an addict till yet. 

Ok let’s not deviate from the topic, Eleven Minutes is based on a girl named Maria who is heartbroken at a young age. She feels that she will never find true love. She believes that love can only make one suffer. Filled with future plans and dreams, she travels to Geneva. Her dreams are sky high and she is keen on fulfilling them and yet she ends up as a prostitute. But she soon develops fascination with sex. The rest of the book is all about how 11 minutes leads the life of the entire human race.

Fore mostly, eleven minutes is quiet a daring novel by Paulo Coelho. It is extremely explicit in nature and unfolds the sacred chapters of sex and pleasure. It focuses on the hidden desires of women and how sensitive is context of love. It reveals the inner conflicts of the women race and unfolds their mental state.
Eleven minutes is explicit and romantic at the same time. The title is clarified in the middle of the novel somewhere portraying how every person of the planet is circling around for just 11 minutes. 

To be fair, Paulo Coelho did not disappoint me at all. From the start till the end, I was keen on reading it more. However, the things get stretchy at many times. Also, I was not able to connect with the true emotions that were needed due to the over explicit scenarios at many places. The concept is really nice and appreciating. The idea of 11 minutes in really intriguing.

Eleven minutes for me is a nice and commendable work of Paulo Coelho but not really great. I liked it and will really like to read more of the author.
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