Hindering Dignity of Women

This is my second post on the same thing again. The media is flooded with the news of the brave heart. There have been protests, even aggressive ones at that. I too visited one to which I have added the image here as well. It was 22nd December and India saw a new face of youth yet again. There was a large crowd which had come demanding justice for the girl. But to my astonishment, I faced something that was not expected. To tell you, I had not visited any protest or campaign till that day.

Anmol Rawat at Protest Against Delhi Gang Rape Case at Rashtrapati BhavanThe news flashed that the police was harsh to the public who went in for silent protest. However the truth is that we, the people made them harsh. It was meant to be a silent protest but the crowd went all enraged and offensive at first. Yes, I agree people were beaten to bleed. I too was there, standing against water cannons, flash bombs (which really scared the hell out of me). But what will they do when people are keen on jumping inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan? Moreover, the flash bombs were only used when some of the teenagers decided to break in and hit on the water cannons and try damaging it. 

Who is to blame? The party workers who were there to enrage the people or the people who were there just to damage the property? I bet if most of the offensive people were not even concerned about the real cause.

Next, it all happened and then most of the people went silent. Just where I could see thousands of black dots on social media sites, it all went to the routine again. However, some people are still fighting to get the justice delivered to the brave heart which is commendable and deserves a salute.

Now it will be a month soon, but the culprits are still going under court trials. For what? Doesn’t they have enough proof already to hang them straightaway? Between all these, there have been numerous of rapes in Delhi. That is a proof that, the culprits have no fear. And what? There are people of India of much fame who have come up with shameful statements. I would not name here anybody but you all must be knowing. Yes, I am a citizen of India, and the Indian Laws make me fear of the consequences of disclosing anything openly.

One more thing, one of the culprit is under 18! He is to face trial in the juvenile court. This is the greatness of the Indian judiciary system. A person who was the one to assault the girl with an iron rod and brutalized her in extremely painful manner is not mature enough to face trial in a normal court? Why? So he can move out from imprisonment and make other girls his victim?

I read so many people saying that laws are misused by the females but why are they missing the point? The law is to be made under such circumstances when everything is proved. Why can’t they understand? I know. Because, only the one who faces the trauma knows the pain, rest of us eventually forget things with the passage of time.

Was it the fault of the girl? Her parents knew she was out. She just wanted to go home. Was it her fault that she didn’t realize that man today has become worse than the devil? Can people even realize the pain that she must have gone through or can they realize how she had suffered for 14 days. Her only wish was to see the culprits getting punished. Seeing by how things are going in India, she will be rape-able within a few months of her next life.

I feel shame, I feel disgusting to live in a country where you can’t even go out with your family for the fear of eve teasing and much more these days. I only ask, is there a stop to all this? How can a girl going out of her home can be sure that there will be no one to abduct her, to throw acid on her face, to eve tease, to humiliate her on the way? How will situations improve? 

Women are still viewed as an object and not respected at all. The dignity of the women has lost somewhere due to some dirt (people) and their stinking mentality.
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