Fun at Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village

It was really a fun day today. Obviously the idea was mine and I had to convince others to come here. Sometimes friends can be really lazy (especially the ones living in PGs). The weather was awesome today and that was the whole point of going to Hauz Khas Village. Before we could reach, it started raining and how can I not love that. Although it was grateful that we were not drenched as I can really not afford to let my phone be damaged by getting wet. Well, neither of us can. 

Taking some pictures at the Hauz Khas Village was actually pre-planned. We know one can click some tremendously alluring pics there. But what more was added to the fun was visiting the lake and the park that surrounded it which is a separate thing as far as I know. It was great running endlessly on the grass and amidst flowers. See sometimes we forget how beautiful the nature is. The technology has ruined everything. And who could have stopped us from taking some more pictures. Actually I am not posting any here as some of my friends might mind. But really do I care? Below is one of the lot many. 

Saurabh and Anmol at Hauz Khas Village

Yes, that is kind of a natural one. Saurabh will really kill me when he finds out his picture floating around in internet. As if I care. Climbing back to the forts from the park (who would take the pain of taking the normal path, where is the fun in that). Yeah definitely it was interesting. 

Sitting at the top and watching the sun go down as the cool breeze blows your hair into a mess; I tell you it is lovely and once experienced with it, there is no reason why anyone will not want to do it again and again. Let me show you how it was.

Sunset at Hauz Khas Village

Well, that is all but mind it, it was one hell of a tiring day as well. My legs still hurt as I write this post. Wasn't it all worth though? Some memories are worth cherishing forever and this was definitely one of them.

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Hauz Khas Village is my favourite place in Delhi! There is just something about it that relaxes you and great place to eat out. Nice post :-) I also wrote about it too!
Cheers, www.chaiacupoflife.com

dimpy roy
February 9, 2015 at 5:31 PM delete

Very nice. The real attraction of Hauz Khas lies not in its splendid architecture or even in its status of being an academic centre, but in the sheer magical beauty of the place. Today, Hauz Khas Village still holds on to some of its old charm with loads of quirky touches. Explore more about Hauz Khas Village entry fees, open timings, visit duration etc.

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