Happy B'day Sayali

Happy Birthday Sayali

The distance is greater than one can envision. I mean India and Australia; you might even ponder that this is irrational but yes we are two close friends. She is younger than me, (which I came to know quite later) but has continually been there for an emotional support. She has been supportive every time I needed some. I hope I have been alike for I don't want to be a self-regarding. We are two great friends who can talk endlessly if we have enough time.

Umm. I guess I am speaking too much. This post was intended to wish her on her birthday and I am creating a hanky-panky condition instead. In short and sweet words I want to wish you the happiest birthday for, a person with the temperament like yours deserve to be happy. May be we don’t get time to talk that often now but we have stayed in touch since forever and I wish that bond remains incessantly.

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