Life Without PC

"Don't Get Bored, read from the second Paragraph!"

All of a sudden (which has happened to me a lot of times now) My PC stopped working. I am not a hardware engineer but I love doing (what people refer to it as) operation of my CPU. I checked for any lose wires but no luck. All enraged with my bad luck (It has been just two months that I got a new Cooler Master SMPS and Cabinet with a brand new ATI 6670 DDR5 Graphic Card) I removed all the wired and disconnected everything. But while connecting them again, I accidentally broke a SATA port. The PC however did not work even though.

I had to spend some 5 days without my PC. I had nothing to do, nowhere to go and life seemed quite empty. I literally had nothing to do. The only thing I did was working on my site which could not be accomplished now anyhow. At first it was books that found my interest. I will write the reviews for them sometime soon. But what surprised me was how I had almost forgotten that I loved to walk endlessly on the terrace with my earphones on; how I used to enjoy the weather and loved to sing along as the wind blew past me. Lucky for me, the weather was great during the evening these days.

I literally had more time to spend than before. There was a time when I almost thought that this is how life should be (even if you work there should be some time to cherish the nature). It was the time when I actually felt how life seemed empty without PC. That is the time when you realize what you are in the physical world and that sure is quite necessary to experience. 

But here I am again, with my PC working fine. I am back on the routine as that is necessary. But breaks like that are truly worth it. It gives you a chance to live otherwise and experience other things (some of which you would have loved to do some years back).

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