Obscenity in Delhi Metro

It is an issue that must be talked about. It is really high time that matters like that be looked upon. With the advancement in technology, the humans have evolved but yet the teens are reluctant to accept the morality and keen on savaging it brutally. The recent case that spread like a fire across the city was very well shared at all the social platforms in the form of an MMS. A couple was found 'making out' through a CCTV footage which has led the morality to shame again.

Why is the urge so strong that it has come tearing down the closed doors to as public areas as the compartment of Delhi Metro? I myself have seen so many couples sitting intimately in the platform or on the stairs. Metro is probably the cheapest and most comfortable place these days for dating. You don't have to pay much for spending some quality time with your partner and that too without breaking a sweat (one can enjoy the air conditioning everywhere). How will you feel if you are travelling with your family and you come across such a couple? But that limit was exceeded by what happened recently. After reading about that case, you might never know what comes next.

Is the obscenity justified? I don’t think so. There is always a limit for things. I feel glad that the government is taking it up seriously and suggest that a considerable fine should be charged right away so that it can be put to an end. It is the best means of transport so far in Delhi and it should be maintained in a healthy manner for the travelers.

The obscenity is everywhere and not limited to Delhi Metro. May be we can talk about that in some other post as I just wanted it to be against what happened recently.

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