Till the Last Breath - Review

Till the Last Breath by Durjoy Datta Cover

Author: Durjoy Datta
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
Publication Year: 2012

Till the Last Breath by Durjoy Datta begins with two patients (both young) who are admitted into Room No. 509 of GKL hospital. One is a typical spoilt guy aged 25 who is addicted to all kinds of drugs and have no appreciation for life. His habits of injecting almost anything that can turn him high has landed him in the hospital with multiple organ failures. On the other and there is a 19 year old medical student who is suffering from a rare disease ALS that is incurable and she is destined with a slow and painful death.

Then we have two phenomenal doctors in ‘Till the Last Breath’ who are fighting against their own demons and trying everything to keep the patients alive. While death surround the room 509, the patients fight for every last breath they have.

Will the efforts of doctors materialize? Will this struggle for survival bring about any kind of change in the people associated?

Reading Till the Last Breath has made me a fan of Durjoy Datta. I had not read any of his solo books earlier but now I am sure that I will read them sometime. The book was interesting since the beginning itself. There are five characters that lead the story forward and each of them has been crafted with commendable efforts.

Till the Last Breath grabs you savoring all your interest and doesn’t even leave you when you finish it off. Durjoy Datta has made much efforts to keep the story realistic and not out of the world. He has captured the true horror of the disease and encapsulated the correct emotions that will make you shiver as you read.

With every single page I read of Till the Last Breath, I was scared what might happen next as I was attached with the characters deeply. The most adorable was Pihu Malhotra whom I may not be able to forget for long. She was simply lovable and inspiring. By saying that, I mean it; the book will definitely inspire you and change the way you look into your life.

Lastly, Till the Last Breath was deeply touching and emotional. I have not felt so emotional while reading a novel for so long. There are a lot of instances that stung deeply in the heart forcing the eyes wet. I must admit that one might cry even while reading it, let alone be the climax. If you have a heart, tears will roll down your cheek by the time you finish reading the last page. This is simply how successful Durjoy Datta has been in connecting the reader with the characters. I assure you that this story will be present with you for long after reading it.

Till the Last Breath is simply a must read for all the readers. However, people who can’t stand the tragedies that comes along with the ailments should think again before starting it off. This is the first book that I have read in a single day and something I will never forget.

Thank you Durjoy Datta for crafting out such a fine piece like Till the Last Breath.

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