Tring Tring

Tring- Tring, the phone rang…!
Too sleepy to even bother, I turned my phone down to put it to silent. 
Tring- Tring, the phone rang again…!

This is just one big disadvantage of being used to the motion features on your phone. How can I turn down for silent when it is already turned down? Forcing my eyelids open, I grabbed it all fumed up with the caller calling so early in the morning. But the moment I saw the name ‘Deepika’ I jumped up. I had a date today and I had almost forgotten.

“I will be there in 30” I said and hung up. I did not have much time. Only a guy can know how to be perfectly ready for a date in just half an hour. I was sure Deepika had taken some 2-3 hours for the same when I looked at her waiting for me all enraged. But she looked cuter than ever.

Looking at me that anger turned into a blissful smile crafting the perfect most dimples one may ever have. Man! I was in love with her madly. I hugged her instantly and my world was complete. “Miss Deepika Padukone someday you will kill me with your dazzling smile.” I said.

Tring- Tring, the phone rang…!

Almost jumping in my bed I noticed the display. It was Harshit. “Han bhai fir aaj movie chalen?” he asked. “Damn you! F##k off!” I hung up. I was annoyed of waking up from such a lovely dream. I had her in my arms. But I couldn’t help but smile on assuming the reaction of Harshit after I hung up.

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