A trip to Chandigarh

A Trip to Chandigarh is not something that was pre planned. Thus let me begin with how it happened. We were actually meant to watch Chennai Express but could not do so as tickets were not available. The idea of the trip then popped up instantly and the three of us were ready to go.

We boarded the bus even though Ankit resisted much and wanted to travel by train. I always have loved traveling via bus and thinks that it is far more enjoyable and so it was. We were singing loudly, playing music and enjoying every bit of it. No one objected which was nice.

We reached Chandigarh at around 2 am in the morning and were walking on the streets for an hour without any reason before taking an auto for a hotel. Whoops I almost forgot to mention that we were to stay at a friend’s (Harshit’s friend actually) place firstly but he is always the one who can never stick to the plans. For some reason we were not able to and had to check in a hotel.

Watching television while talking endlessly and doing some random things to enjoy was all we did till it was 6 am in the morning. And we were hungry. But could not do anything as nothing was open at that time. So we decided to sleep it off and woke up at 8am in the morning. As usual we sent Harshit for grabbing something to eat. Checking out from the hotel, we were standing again on the sector 17 market. (The same place we were roaming at 2 am).

Ankit Anmol Harshit at Chandigarh Sector 17 Market
At Sector 17 Market of Chandigarh

We had paranthas for breakfast and I tell you they were delicious. Actually a girl told us that McD existed in the Sector 17 Market but on exploring, we found out that it didn’t. Then we saw a local theater and without any doubt grabbed the tickets for Chennai Express. The movie was funny overall despite of the fact that nothing logical was happening. Rohit Shetty has that skill.

We found another hotel and moved out after keeping our bags for Rock Garden. I had visited the place when I was a kid and loved it. But seriously, it seemed pretty boring now. The savior was the artificial waterfall which allowed us to get drenched. There we met a girl whom we asked to click a pick of us together. She was seen many times nearby while roaming in the rock garden and finally we joined her group in a fast food outlet. She was actually pretty nervous as if we were there to kidnap her and was extremely shy. Ankit Sir might know better (that’s how she called him in a normal conversation- Sir)

Anmol Ankit Harshit at Rock Garden
The only enjoyable thing about Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Then we enjoyed riding the swings of Rock Garden. That was really stress buster and enjoyable. We came back to sector 17 for we had to meet our school friend Akshita who happened to be present there incidentally. Talking with her for an hour, we located a restaurant for a meal. We roamed around some more around the beautiful girls of Chandigarh and then sat on a bench near to a bench where four beautiful girls were sitting. We dint talk but the staring continued from both ends till they left. And yes I emptied a bottle of water on Harshit’s head. How can I forget that?

Reaching our room, we had a fun time. Wandering on the streets at 3 am and buying maggi to eat was something quite awesome. Roaming on the roads aimlessly and seeing the darkness disappear as dawn approaches is really a memorable experience.

We slept at 6:30 am and woke up at 8 am. Then we went to Sukhna Lake which is really a peaceful place. Had chole bhature and chow-min which were mutually disappointing. Lying by the lake was really awesome and serene. There was a suicide point from where, the view was excellent. 

Anmol Rawat at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh
The serenic view of Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

We had planned to stay and board the train at 1:00 am but that transformed into an early departure. Somehow we managed to buy ticket and ran to board the train. We didn’t sleep again and were again singing songs and doing some random bakwaas. Finally we reached Delhi and reached our respective homes.

The trip was amazing for me. Even though there was not much to see in Chandigarh, I must say that it is a beautiful city where you will find a green and peaceful environment 24x7.
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