"Today I feel extremely gratified to announce that one of our team-mate after performing unswervingly over the past few years has been selected to represent our country in the coming World Cup. This celebration is to cheer our fellow being for making it so big. May I please welcome my child Louis here to speak his heart out" the Manager speaks.

"Shooting the winning goal at the penalty and snatching away the cup from the hands of opponents, let’s hear for the Star of the Night as well as the Star of the Tournament Louis Smith. Everyone is so proud of you and your nation will now describe you as a hero.” the speaker says. Louis walks heavy footed towards him. "How are you feeling? Am sure it’s so special for you as well, your journey from high school to here. Let’s have a few words from the man himself.” he handovers the mic to Louis.

"Let’s hear some applause for my coach and my manager who trusted me and had faith in me. Am so glad that I did not disappoint them.” finishing his line he raises his head. Unable to speak further, he bursts in tears and gazes at the crowd as if searching for something. All the hooting and cheering comes to a sudden halt. They look straight at him in bewilderment. He finally blurts out, “I love you dad!" Speaking that, he stands there frozen and suddenly drops down on the ground.

A Year Back

Finishing his final words he says, "This was all possible due to the support of my Dad. The man behind me and my support. This champagne is for him." Everyone cheer up with him. He rushes back to his home to shout out the news to his dad. Entering the home he finds a glass of wine broken on the floor and the wine spilled all over the floor. He rushes to other rooms one by one and finds them all empty. Caught in fear he runs towards the main door and is startled by the ring of his cell. He immediately reaches his pocket, opens the flap to find that his neighbor is on line. He picks up. "Hello"

"Hi! Louis, just listen to me calmly. I came to your house to borrow some wine as I was out of stock. The door was left open so I came in just to find your dad on the floor. He was unconscious so I dragged him to my car and brought him to the City Hospital. I need you to reach here ASAP. I will tell you the rest when you come here. Hurry son!"

Frozen for a second he quickly moves out, kick starts his bike and rushes to the hospital. All he was having were positive thoughts regarding his father till he reached the hospital. Gabriel was waiting for him at the gate. "What happened to my dad" he asked. "Am afraid son, his condition is very critical and it all happened due to the excessive use of alcohol. Let’s get up to the doctor while I explain you."

They reach the third floor where the doctor is waiting. "Hello child you must be Louis", the doctor says. "Err.. Yes! What happened?" "Listen son, I wish I could consolidate you but time doesn't allow me to do so. Your father's excessive intake of alcohol despite of his health conditions has caused a complete kidney failure. As he had already donated one kidney previously, am afraid we need an immediate transplant to save his life. In this utter urgency you are the only hope to save your father" Louis was startled to hear all that. It was very difficult for him to understand what had happened in the very first place. "So what's the problem, am ready for it.", he said. "Mr. Gabriel here told me that you are an excellent football player." doctor said in a low voice. "Yes so?" Louis asked. "Am afraid you won't be able to continue playing if you donate one of your kidney. So we need you to sign the affirmation of your donation.” doctor said. Louis was suddenly hit by a rock and after being shaken by Gabriel, he affirmed.

He signed the form and followed the doctor. Walking was never so heavy for him. All the thoughts of the recent celebration and his achievement occupied his mind. "He could be a star. All his dreams will be broken if he donates. He will not be able to play his only passion in life. All his efforts will be drowned." Cutting his mind off the thoughts, he hugged his father with affection as soon as they reached the room. He was unconscious with so many pipes inserted in his body. He was happy that he was doing it for him. But the thoughts won't go away from his mind. "His life will be ruined. He will become a normal person or even worse. No! How can he let go of the sole dream of his life? How can he give up his life so easily?" He looked up at his dad's face and tears rolled down his cheek. He felt so weak at that moment. But he had made the decision. He kissed him on head and bent down to reach his ear. "Sorry Dad!" He rushed out of the room crying heavily and walked down the stairs to leave the Hospital.

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