Never Let Me Go - Review

Author: Sachin Garg
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
Publication Year: 2012
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Never Let Me Go follows the life of Samar when he is 21 years old. Things between Him and Kanika are going really well and both are deeply in love with each other. Something happens and Samar is all ready to abandon his Engineering and even his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend. He flees to Goa in order to have some fresh air.

But soon he realizes that Goa is the exact place where he can find solace after what he has gone through. He decides to never look back and start his life afresh. Though life in Goa is not as easy as it seems. Working in a small shack with steeply low wage he tries to outrun his past and survive. On his path he meets an attractive girl Navya.

What change will Navya bring in his life? What is the reason for everything Samar did? What happens with his best friend Roy and his beautiful girlfriend Kanika? Will he return back to his life again or will Navya become an important part of his life?

Never Let Me Go is very intriguing on whole. The only problem is the slow start. But very soon the novel picks up and then there is no looking back. Sachin Garg brings another of his semi-autobiography in an appealing manner and unfolds some of the extreme harsh moments of his past.

He has successfully portrayed the life of Goa in Never Let Me Go. The difficulties, the struggles and everything comes out as real as the beat of the heart while reading it. The book deals with many issues and talks of the relationship and how trust is an important factor in it.

The book is very emotional towards the end and is a real tear-jerker during the climax. I bet many will not be able to hold there tears when the truth unfolds. The more you reach towards the end, the more you will fear of what might happen next.

This is the best thing about Never Let Me Go. You almost starts wishing what should not happen next. Sachin Garg has done a beautiful job in crafting out the characters. You can soon find yourself indulged with their lives. You feel an emotional connect which makes you feel for them. There are lots of twists and turns topped up with an adventurous ride that will not disappoint you at all.

I must say that the author has done a commendable job in penning down Never Let Me Go. As it is the second installment of the chronology of Samar’s life, it is advisable to read Its First Love!…Just Like The Last One! Beforehand in order to understand the characters better. I did not know the fact and read it straightaway. However I must admit that it is equally good as a standalone book as well.

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