The Girl in Blue

What and irony! The liquid is colorless and yet the world has become colorful in just half of the bottle. But who is stopping midway? I am not the one who is going to drive my way back home. Why are friends there for?

Its 11pm at night and I will again have to sneak up into my home and rush to my room unseen. But that is an art I have achieved by continuous practice. My friend roars the engine of my brand new Ninja and it feels out of the world as we are speeding our way on 120kmph. I love how my long hair flies by. Who the hell needs a helmet?

A red light and some cars in front. Can’t even jump the light now. “Look at the bitch in blue” my friend shouts. Though the world is not exactly clear to me, I can trace a girly figure on the opposite side of the road. The blue dress and the long brown hair are all I can figure out. “U turn. Take a U Turn” I shout in my friend’s ear. He turns the bike for a turn through an opening in the divider and we are caught.

“No U turn” the officer says. “You are drunk” he says in a disgusted tone. “Where are your helmets?” I can’t concentrate anymore, the girl in blue is walking her way ahead. I know how to handle them. I take out my purse. Green notes are all they require. My friend roars the engine again.

“Don’t stop!” I ask him. As soon as the girl comes in the reach of my hand I spank her hard. My friend doesn’t stop. We both turn our gazes back at her. She is definitely shocked. We laugh hysterically. That is all I can remember. The next moment I was tumbling on the road and when I finally came to a halt, all I could see was the red blood oozing out of my mouth. At a fair distance the girl was still standing except the shocked expressions have now turned into a smile. The world turned black.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


This weekend, the challenge was to include five colors as an adjective for five important words along which the write up revolves. The piece was selected in the best entries.

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