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Before you start reading this post, I request you to visit the previous post so you can relate things as the below fiction runs into a parallel universe of what happened in the previous post.

I am a writer and write stuff that is totally random. This time, I wanted to write some of those stories which lights up some spirit among people and creates awareness among them regarding the power of a common man and how they can contribute for someone else’s welfare. So I visited places to find such people and such stories. Though there are many, I am writing up a few for now.

Hriday had just joined his college. He wanted to be an engineer and his parents invested everything for his studies. They wanted to make his dream come true. On the very first day of his college, he was held by some senior brats. They wanted him to strip naked in front of them and dance on some item number. They associated it with ragging. Now who can come up with such a task? He denied and threatened them to complain to the authorities. They left him at that time but to prove their arrogance, those brats held him again while he was returning home. They started making lewd remarks at him. He was beyond terrified. But soon, a group of people came out of nowhere. Hriday was new and he could not recognize the faces but those brats knew the faces of college officials.

The college was quite strict about ragging and they had formed an anti-ragging association to monitor such things. They had heard Hriday and had decided to keep a check for his safety. The senior students were held by the authorities and their parents were called. The college did not take any harsh decision but gave them a final warning. Apparently the seniors could understand better now that their families were involved into it. Hriday even got friendly with the same seniors soon and successfully completed his studies.

It was a usual night for Antariksha and he was returning with his newly wed wife from a family function. Out of the blue, four guys dropped in front of their car and he had to apply brakes. Guns were pointed at them and he had no choice but to let the door open. The guys demanded all the cash and valuable things. He gave them everything. They asked his wife to remove all the jewelry and hand it over to them. She did what they said. But they did not stop at that. Two of them got hold of his wife and two of them grabbed Antariksha.

A few cars passed by but no one cared enough. They started groping his wife’s assets and one of them started beating Antariksha. Suddenly they could hear the sirens wailing. They panicked and jumped out of the car. They started running but one of them was shot by the police. Though rest of them were able to flee, they were caught later. According to the police, someone has called randomly stating the situation. Apparently not all those who passed from the same road were cold hearted and someone did care. It was for that person that he and his wife were saved from being ravaged by those criminals. Antariksha will always be thankful to that person.

Akshay’s only child and wife were hit by a car while they were returning from market on bike. The culprits were a bunch of college boys who were drunk. Both of them were killed on the spot. Akshay was bold and wanted to fight for the justice of his son and wife. But the culprits emerged out to be rich brats with a powerful background. The pockets were stuffed with green notes and so nobody gave a damn.

But not all people can sell their morals for money. Evidently a witness of the events agreed to testify against the culprits. He was being threatened after the decision but the whole lot of neighbors rose in his support. Now everyone was united to provide Akshay with justice. Everyone had to bend down against the unity and the case was registered. The culprits were found guilty in the court and are presently serving their sentence. Akshay is now running a welfare association along with some other people who aids in the welfare of the society.

The fourth person had asked me not to specify his name. He and his wife had survived something that could have taken their life. His wife could have been a victim of honor killing. Her father had prepared to burn her alive only because she wanted to marry with a guy out of her caste. But before all of that could happen, the police along with media had emerged in the scene due to which everyone scattered. The police arrested her father. She could not come out of the shock till weeks but now they are happily married and have a beautiful daughter. On that day, the younger brother of his wife had called the police and some news channel. They had reached in time or something extremely heinous would have happened. Everyone else in his house was in agreement with what the father of the girl had decided but he could not let it happen even though he still thought that what his sister did was wrong. But he was too young to understand complex things back then. He understands everything now and feels proud of his decision.

Those four stories made me believe that humanity is still alive. Some people do care. Some people do come up out of their shrunken mentalities to come up with a noble help. Some people do formulate things that can help in the welfare of the society.

There are so many cases where the victims could have been saved if only the people cared, if only the authorities were active and working for the welfare of students, teenagers, working people or even kids.

Like I said in my previous post. The change is possible, but you have to be a part of the change you wish to witness. If we join our hands together and start treating every other person as our own, we can definitely help preventing many things.

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Shruti Modi
October 30, 2013 at 10:46 AM delete

So true Anmol.. U bet.. Humanity still exists.. hats of the brother of the girl... perhaps his conscience helped him.. and he cud save his sister from honor killing.

November 14, 2013 at 9:43 PM delete

people should try to help others wherever possible
following ur blog
hope u folow back


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