Hold My Hand - Review

Author: Durjoy Datta
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Year: 2013
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Hold my hand begins with a young guy who is a bit awkward as his whole world in present in the books that he is fetish for. He has a couple of friends but he is more interested in reading and even re-reading his favorite books many a times. He is sent to Hong Kong by ATS Technologies for an internship program that requires him to test the library cataloguing software of company’s head office.

It is a dream come true for him. In Hong Kong, he meets a beautiful girl Ahana who is the prettiest girl he has ever seen but suffers from a rare congenital diseased disabling her of sight. They grow fond of each other and explores the beautiful world of Hong Kong. But is life that simple?

Hold My Hand is quite a different tale from Durjoy Datta. I have not read all of his books but I am definitely growing fond of his book with every book I read. People say that he is great at writing college romance fictions and I could find a trace of that in Someone Like You and If It’s Not Forever. However as many will agree, Hold My Hand is definitely quite different from his previous works and settles as more of a peppy and beautiful tale.

I personally did not like the beginning at all. It was dull and was stretched. I even had a feeling that this will be a downer from the Author. But the moment Ahana is introduced in the story, it becomes a cute story. Even though the character is blind, Durjoy Datta has not burdened her with sympathy. In fact the more you read, the more you will start falling for the girl yourself not out of sympathy but for the way she lives and for the cuteness that is evident in her talks and thinking.

Hold My Hand comprises of different narratives as well which was also quite good allowed the readers to know the characters in a better manner. I differ from those people who say that it does not contain good writing and great vocabulary. For me it works as a positive point in the book. It feels so simple to read that you forget you are reading a book. Also the book is quite small and you can read it without keeping down as well (which definitely is not my case as I like to cherish things over an extended duration of time. I feel you can connect with the characters better then. The only exception I made was when I read Till The Last Breath.)

One more thing I like about Durjoy Datta is the comic relief he puts in which works wonder every time. The story becomes more and more interesting with every turned page which is a positive for me.

I agree it is not one of the brilliant story, but I also agree that it is a simple, sweet and loving story which you definitely would not want to ignore. Except for the beginning, I enjoyed it pretty much and I will definitely read more from the author in future. So it is definitely worth reading and you will surely fall in love with the characters and the streets of Hong Kong.

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