My Delhi Manifesto

The Doctors say that I have been suffering from a certain disorder which I can’t even spell that is growing extreme every day. “Is it so?” I ask myself staring at the mirror.

I was a fine guy doing well with his studies a long back. Everything seemed perfect. But who knew how the events of my life will turn up. Now I am stranded in this Asylum where I have made some friends eventually. I was not quite keen on acquainting the mad people but lately I have found out that I am here for long and I am no different than those mad people. Doctors have a different term for everyone but I simply like to call us mad; it is easy to remember.

I have been doing some recreational activities that are supposed to improve my condition and since I have made three friends, I am not alone anymore. My parents visit regularly and all I can find is tears in their eyes. How much time has passed by? A couple of years or may be more. I have stopped keeping a track of the time.

My friends – Akshay and Antariksha have been here for longer. Hriday has joined a couple of months back. I am not like them. I can understand things but I have lost control over my mind. “I can be dangerous” is what doctors suggest. Every one of us have a story to tell. We are somewhat similar and that is the reason I stay with them.

Hriday had just joined his college. He wanted to be an engineer and his parents invested everything for his studies. They wanted to make his dream come true. He is intelligent or was intelligent as now he hardly talks anything that makes sense. On the very first day of his college, he was held by some senior brats. They wanted him to strip naked in front of them and dance on some item number. They associated it with ragging. Now who can come up with such a task? He denied and threatened them to complain to the authorities. They left him at that time but to prove their arrogance, those brats held him again while he was returning home. Supposedly they stripped him naked and beat him too much. He received a fatal head injury. Baseball bats are what were used as a weapon by them. He survived but lost it. His brain still flashes the incidents of that day sometimes and that is the time when doctors need to sedate him.

Antariksha was a married man. Well he still is. His wife comes to visit him often. Anyone can tell that they are in love and that love has no limits. She has been coping with situations for four years now and the doctors say that Antariksha can make it back to a normal life in a year or so. His progress has been good. It was a usual night and he was returning with his newly wed wife from a family function. Out of the blue, four guys dropped in front of their car and he had to apply brakes. Guns were pointed at them and he had no choice but to let the door open. The guys demanded all the cash and valuable things. He gave them everything. They asked his wife to remove all the jewelry and hand it over to them. She did what they said. But they did not stop at that. Two of them got hold of his wife and two of them grabbed Antariksha. He was tied down and his wife was raped by all of them in front of his eyes on the backseat. She was unconscious by the time they were done. They beat Antariksha inhumanely and left him bleeding. It all happened right in the middle of a road. He says that a few cars passed by but no one bothered to stop. Luckily for them, a noble person found them a couple of hours later and they were admitted to hospital. His wife recovered from the trauma sooner than him. The doctors say that his mind is blocked and has stopped responding to things. He is stuck in that very moment of agony. But over the years, he have fought with it and has improved a lot.

Akshay is the oldest of us all. He is in his mid-fifties. He does not speak much and it feels as if he does not want to recover. They say that his only child and wife were hit by a car while they were returning from market on bike. The culprits were a bunch of college boys who were drunk. Both of them were killed on the spot. Akshay was bold and wanted to fight for the justice of his son and wife. But the culprits emerged out to be rich brats with a powerful background. The case could not form any importance due to the lack of evidence and since the pockets were stuffed with green notes nobody gave a damn. He has been in depression from ever since. I talk with him on certain occasions when he is in a mood but he stays calm and lost within himself for most of the time. He is not showing any kind of recovery and doctors have lost all the hope.

I am here because my girlfriend was burnt alive by her own parents. They term it as honor killing. I can’t understand what the term suggests. All I know is that she was beautiful and I loved her more than anything. But now I throw in myself as the guilty one. May be she would have led a normal life if I has not interrupted. I still feel tears sprinkling down my cheeks when I remember it. The doctors say that I have to let go of the guilt or I will keep pushing myself in the null. But how can I forget it?

I know only the four of us. But there are many who have been a victim of something or the other. When will the people think in unity and come up as a revolutionary against all such issues? When will we stop being a part of corruption? When will the government start reinventing the laws to punish the culprits so the wannabe criminals have a fear in their mind before committing anything?

Was it the fault of Hriday? The ragging cases have been increasing every day. Why can’t the colleges keep a check on things? Why does innocent people like Hriday have to go through such traumas or even face death due to it? Why can’t the college goers understand that the students they are ragging are also human being?

Antariksha was just returning home with his wife? What crime did he commit to face such a suffering? We hear so many cases that happens right on the roads. Why don’t we have active patrolling units that can prevent such heinous crimes and robberies? Why do people watch things happening and close their eyes? Why no one cares to help?

Akshay had to face the stab of corruption. It is quite common that the rich brats or those with strong and powerful support usually clears out of such crimes. The victims do not receive justice and their loved ones are left to weep endlessly. When will the parents start realizing that even their children must be punished if they have committed a crime? When will the people understand that they should not drive when drunk?

Did my girlfriend commit a crime by loving someone out of her caste? So many honor killings cases are popping up but what measures have been taken to prevent them? Why don’t people grow up their mentality and realize that there is no honor in killing your loved ones?

So many other issues are there. The crime is having no halt and it is attacking the victims in different forms. While we start blaming the government and laws, we forget that we have an equal share in most of the crimes. When will we start realizing our roles as a citizen? When will we shout together for a common cause? When will we stop being a part of corruption?

The change is possible but we have to be a part of the change we wish to witness. Mere tweeting it or sharing on social platforms won’t help with anything. We have to act and we have to act before it’s too late.

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October 17, 2013 at 1:15 AM delete

Very Nice Attempt Anmol ! Keep it up Bro :))

Shruti Modi
October 17, 2013 at 12:27 PM delete

This post of urs, refreshed my college memories when I visited Masina hospital as part of our curriculum. It is heart-wrenching to hear stories of people why they came to an asylum. Its true that just by posting or tweeting in todays world wont make a difference. Not only does we need a change in our law n government, but even we as an individual need to be more alert, active and human. Its sad when someone is getting robbed or beaten to death, stand by's will keep clicking pictures or just watch it as if its a match. No one comes to their rescue.. lets try our selves to be human n responsible. Its for our own safety.

Cheers !!!

Anmol Rawat
October 17, 2013 at 12:34 PM delete

Change will only come when people start taking other's lives, dignity as their own. No one cares about others. They literally shut their eyes and move on. I wonder how the humanity has vanished into a void.

October 17, 2013 at 3:38 PM delete

The stories are for real and each day they happen around us. The pain and the sufferings get lost in the race but those who bear live a life close to hell.. they need justice and more than that we need an environment free of rustic criminals.

October 18, 2013 at 12:05 AM delete

Free time I read this......


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