Ten Smart Suraksha Tips

Women in Delhi are not safe. As much bitter the statement may sound but it is a truth that every women must gulp down their throat. Anytime and anywhere you can be violated which is again quite a blunt statement but it has been proven so many times through the cases we hear or read. Oh and you are still unaware of those cases which are not able to reach media.

So how do you survive? Yes, that is the level it has reached to. You have to survive and you have to face it all yourself. So why not be prepared for it? Why not take some measures that can help you protect from being another victim?

Following are the Ten Smart Suraksha Tips I must recommend to all the readers for their safety. Of course if you are a guy, you can share them with your friends, families and loved ones.

Learn Martial Arts or Self Defense Techniques
I know most of the girls simply read it and leave it. Even my friends ask me what martial art can do when you are at a gunpoint or a knifepoint. For all such thinkers, I must begin with the fact that martial arts does not only teaches you self-defense techniques but it makes your brain sharper and boosts up your confidence. Secondly, why think of the worst case scenario? Martial Arts can surely be extremely helpful in hand to hand combat. In most of the cases, the culprits are bare handed and even drunk. You can surely gain much of an advantage in that case. Please learn it as soon as possible.

Keep a Check while Traveling through a Cab
Whether it is a private cab or an office cab, you must keep a check on the way. This happened with someone I care for. She was alone that day and was returning through the office cab. For the first time, the driver took a different route. Although his intentions were not bad but still she received a good amount of scolding from me that day. Why do you want to take chance with your life? Please be careful while traveling through cabs. Anytime you suspect that you are off the route or the driver is making any excuse for the change of the route, inform anyone who can be helpful at that time. If possible, move out of the cab at any stoppage. Don’t leave things to chance.

Don’t be blind in Love

There are so many cases in which the culprit is a loved one of the girl. Can you give a good reason to go out with him and his male friend alone at night? Please refer to the cases that have happened. It’s perfect to be in love but your safety lies in your hand only. At least do not go out or move in when he is accompanied by his other male friends.

Do Not Drink Anything Offered by a Stranger in the Clubs
Here by stranger, I also mean the newly acquainted ones. These type of cases usually happens with those who are visiting Delhi or those who have recently moved to Delhi. The nightlife of cities like Mumbai are quite prominent but do understand that this is Delhi. People cannot be trusted here with equal ease. When you go to a bar, drink from your own glass and order your own drinks.

Do Not Take Lift
No matter what is the situation, do not take lifts from the strangers. As a matter of the fact, the worse the situation, the better the advantage of the culprit. Please do not take lifts from the strangers, I would repeat my words. How can you trust someone you don’t even know when you can’t even trust the known ones in the present time?

Want to Stay Late? Bring Your Own Conveyance
It is perfectly normal to reach home late as it is your wish completely. But if you want that, you must be traveling through your own conveyance or at least you must pool the conveyance with your friends back to your home. Please do not take any means of private transport. Use Delhi Metro wherever possible as it is definitely the safest means of public transport these days. It may sound as holding you from your freedom but please think about all the possible outcomes before you start trashing my opinion.

The Pepper Sprays are made for Your Safety
Though I have seen many hoardings and advertisements promoting the pepper sprays, I hardly know any girl in my circle carrying one with her. Why? It can be so much helpful! Why don’t you understand and why can’t you spend a bit and make a bit of space in your purse for a thing that can even save your life in some circumstances? Please I request all of you to keep it with you. People who talks about safety keep shouting about keeping any pointed object in your bags. But I have seen a similar response that has been there with the pepper spray. No one actually cares to keep it. The sharp objects are not limited to a pocket knife only. Tweezers, hair pins or even a pen can make a considerable damage on the culprit if used in the right manner.

Don’t let Emotions Fool You
If you find any helpless child or any woman seeking help, do not trust them blindly. Do not go with them anywhere. If you truly want to help them without staking your own safety, call the police or take them to the nearest police station. They will find a way to help them. Do not let their emotions fool you. They might be one of the culprits.

Smart Suraksha App is made for Your Own Safety
You install so many applications and games in your smartphone. Why can’t you download a simple app and set it up for your own safety? The app can be extremely helpful in the need of the time. You can store up to five numbers in the app and just at one touch you can alert them of your situation when you are in need. It is not just limited to that, the application is also capable of sending your location to those contacts even when your GPS is off. Thus you can be traced easily and you can be saved.

I may have sounded harsh at many places but that is because I care. It is high time that the women must take their safety in their own hands. Everything may sound lame at present but just think of the victims. Don’t you think if they would have kept these things in mind, they might not have to go through the things they went through? Of course none of the things mentioned above can guarantee 100% safety to you but don’t you think they can make a big difference?

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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Shruti Modi
October 30, 2013 at 10:56 AM delete

Good one buddy.. proud of u :)

I would like to just add couple of points to your article, one on martial arts and other on the Taxi point..
a) Martial Arts -.. yea i agree Anmol. indeed it boosts your confidence.. and even though the person is holding you at gunpoint or knifepoint.. if ur brain is alert enuf, with one kick u can make him go on his knees (I learnt this thru taekwondo, form of martial arts) .. so yea it helps..
b) Travelling to Cab - it is also best to always give the cab/auto number to someone over the call and let the driver hear that the number has been given to someone. he will think twice before he tries to act smart.. trust me its a small thing to note down the number but will help u a long way..

Great tips.. I will implement some too ;)

Anmol Rawat
October 30, 2013 at 12:05 PM delete

Good to hear that from you :)

I myself am trained in Tae-Kwan-Do and thus I too believe what you said. One can definitely have an edge over a normal person if he/she waits for the right moment.

Agreed about the cab thing too. Thanks for adding up and I do hope people read your comment too.

November 1, 2013 at 2:54 PM delete

Good pointer Anmol . Like to read your write ups . Hence nominate you for Liebster award.


Anmol Rawat
November 1, 2013 at 7:03 PM delete

Oh that is so sweet of you. I feel honored :) Thank you so much :)

Disha Kotak
November 14, 2013 at 5:15 PM delete

don't be blind in love ,
its the first thing that girls need to learn,
all the best !


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