Come on Inner Peace! I Don't Have All Day!

Author: Sachin Garg
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
Publication Year: 2013

Sachin Garg tells the story after Kanika's demise in Come On Inner Peace! I don't have all day! With her gone, he is left in depression. Even Navya Sharma, the only person close to her heart has abandoned him in the hands of drugs. Then there is Vandana for whom the destiny has different plans even though all she is in search of is Inner Peace. Even Samar Garg is looking for his own Inner Peace ans so are all of us.

The adventure begins at an Ashram in Rishikesh where everyone visits to attain an Inner Peace. But will Samar and Vandana be able to find their peace? What will happen with Navya? How will the destiny treat their life?

You can read the review of the previous books in the series - It's First Love!...Just Like The Last One! and 'Never Let Me Go' by clicking the links. It is necessary that you read the previous books before you move on to this one which will definitely not be a good choice especially after reading Never Let Me Go.

I had a lot of expectation from Come On Inner Peace! I don't have all day! but I was not satisfied at all after finishing it. The title was so good and there was so much potential to it. It even kick started quite well but soon the plot lost its direction. It again became a cheesy romantic tale and that too a cliched one.

The thing that I hated the most was how Sachin Garg has excessively used drugs and stuff to fill out the spaces and at certain point of time it becomes irritating. I could not understand why so many things were justified just to save Navya from the world she was into. What about the greater good? What did he want to achieve by writing all that.

Come On Inner Peace! I don't have all day! certainly seems too unreal and that was a major disappointment too. The author maintains the theme of the series as something he has gone through and it was believable till the last book, but this time he has gone way off the limits.

In order to attain his Inner Peace, Samar Garg basically could have destroyed the world and it would have seemed fine? Thank goodness that did not happen but whatever he did was not at all justified.

For me Come On Inner Peace! I don't have all day! was nothing more than a passable book which I had to read to know further. Hugely disappointed!

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For a second there I thought this looked good, thanks so much for your review! I have heard others rave about this but was never completely convinced. I recommend Evolving Towards Peace by Jalaja Bonheim, her site jalajabonheim.com. She is a brilliant writer and in this book I have really come to find a sense of getting to that inner peace. Her outlines for it are very well written and I think it's one of the best reads on this I have found lately.


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