It's First Love!...Just Like The Last One! - Review

Author: Sachin Garg
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
Publication Year: 2011

Sachin Garg tells the story of the twentieth year of his life. The story does not resemble a typical girl-meets-boy-boy-eyes-the-girl love story in any manner and proposes the idea that real love is quiet more complex than that.

The story revolves around five characters - Sachin, Kanika, Arshi, Radhika and Zeeshan. And all the five characters are quiet diverse in their temperament and personality. Lose your heart to their story and in the process, get to know everything about your love life you were never able to figure out.

I have already read and reviewed the second book of the series 'Never Let Me Go'. It's First Love!...Just Like The Last One! is basically what happens before in the previous year of Sachin's life. It dives into the love life of Sachin Garg and Kanika explaining how they both fell in love with each other. But that is not just it. like the plot tells, it is no ordinary story.

There are three other characters present in It's First Love!...Just Like The Last One! other than Sachin and Kanika who plays an important role as the story progresses forward. Each of the character is extremely diverse in all manner which adds a refreshing taste to the book. You can almost compare yourself with one of them and that one of the positive thing about the book.

Frankly, the book is an easy read where I would like to congratulate Sachin Garg as I was just hooked up into it till it was finished. I never got bored and it never seemed dull to me. But it lacks the matter which is nothing extra ordinary landing the story into the category of formulaic ones. It is cliched and you can almost guess everything as you read. 

But in no manner I am trashing down It's First Love!...Just Like The Last One! The book is definitely worth a read and it was great to know the past events. I felt nostalgic reading about the same characters again and it was worth for me.

If you like to read college romance or similar stuff, the book will not disappoint you at all but if you are looking for the non formulaic romance tales, this will not suffice. Overall a good read for me and I enjoyed it.

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