5 Special Gifts for the Secure Future of My Child

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I am not a parent right now. But at some point in distant future, I will be. It is said that no time is wrong to learn and cultivate your thoughts that would help you in future and parenthood is one of the most difficult thing. So I observe and learn from those who have been blessed with the younger ones. The following post is meant for someone who will breathe in this world years after but I shall be all geared up by then. For her/his future, I would like to gift her/him:

1)    Financial Prudence and Life Insurance
The first most step that I will take is applying for financial prudence schemes myself and utilize my earnings in short term and long term investment plans. The invested money will help my younger one in future and financial aspects will be straightened up to much extent when in need.

The same goes for life insurance. Of course I would make sure that the life of my child is secured even if I am not present to take care anymore. Money might not be everything but it sure will serve as a backbone if I am not around. It will secure the future of my little one and her/his life will frame out as steady.

2)    Excellent Education
Education is a priority not just career wise but to grow up as a smart person. She/he needs to stand up in the globalized world as a smart citizen who is well aware of the errands running around in the world. By education, I don’t mean just circular knowledge, she/he must about the society, about the culture, about the changes taking place in the world.

Further as she/he grows, no burden shall be pushed regarding selective studies. I will make sure they study what they want and what offers them contentment. For me that is an absolute necessity. I don’t dream of having a doctor or an engineer daughter/son. I dream of them enjoying whatever they chose to proceed with.

3)    Extracurricular and Outdoor Activities
For sure, I will get her/him signed up for extracurricular activities and some outdoor activity too. The technology is gradually ruining the childhood. All I see these days is little ones glued to the television screens, computers/laptops and mobile phones/tablets. For me, extracurricular activities should replace hours spent before those idiotic things. They help channelize the brain a lot better and help in the mental growth too. Also they provide a break from the bookish studies.

As for outdoor activities, they help a child to grow strong and healthy physically and also help in channelizing the energy in the right direction. Moreover, if she/he can also continue those things as a career in the later stages if interested. 

One more thing that can be included in this point is gifting them loads of books to read. I certainly believe, books are really helpful. They expand your thinking and teach you so many things that school’s curriculum can’t.

4)    Morals and Values
One should surely know how to behave and such things are best taught in the prior stages only. Other than that I will teach her/him about compassion and kindness which are one of the best traits in developing personality. Honesty is the best policy and I will teach and preach that, but I will also tell them about how at certain point of times you can deviate from it if it can really help anyone in a positive manner.

I will teach her how ethics does not violate the modernization and I will teach him to respect the female gender forever his life. I will teach them how to spread love and avoid hate; how to become an understanding person; how to always respect the elders; how to be polite in their talks; how to cherish love.

5)    An understanding and Caring Father
There are so many things that I will have to understand being a father and they are necessary for a healthy future of my young one/s. I have usually seen that so many parents are not able to offer the proper care to their children. I’m sorry if that sounds offensive but I personally know so many people who don’t have time for their children. The children feel more connected with the maids rather than their parents. That is one of the things I fear the most. I will make sure I spend quality time with her/him and understand their feelings and sentiments as they grow so they don’t feel alone on an emotional level. Otherwise it may hinder their life.

I will make sure I listen to everything they have to say and try to understand things from their point of view. I may be representing the third generation but they will represent the fourth. I don’t want the generation gap to be an obstacle in our relation and thus will put in my best efforts to close the gap so they don’t have to reach for anyone else when in need and fall prey to false advice or false shoulder.

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