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I hate that unclean stubble” I explained to my mother. She was worried for me being so frantic all of a sudden. But it was not my fault at all. Till now three guys have come to see me and I had plainly rejected every one of them. This was the fourth one in the row. All of them were looking too shabby to even look compatible to my age.

I wonder why guys sport beard or stubbles. It looks so unhygienic and one can’t even tell if the person has washed his face or not as it will practically make no difference. I remember how I was too afraid of dad just because of his unshaved face in childhood. For some reason, I don’t think I will like a person who is donning the same. Thus a clean shaven face is what I am looking for and stands top in my priority list.

I left the room with my mom yelling at me and she does have a right to do so as I may be acting childish in the matters that are too serious. But when I give it a thought, I know I will never like a guy who chooses to grow a jungle on his face.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

This is my sixth post for the P.A.S.S. contest and I was tagged by Priyanka in her post here.
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It is my turn to tag bloggers and here they are - Priyanka Roy Banerjee, Uma, Avadhoot, Rat and Neo.

To all the bloggers I mentioned, it is an invitation for you all to frame your post of 200-300 words for the P.A.S.S contest. All the very best for the contest.
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Nice post there... Thanks for accepting my tag. I shall acknowledge your tag soon... :)
All the best for contest :)

Anmol Rawat
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You have accepted already :D The person tagged is someone else :)


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