The Rozabal Line - Review

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi - Review

Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Publisher: Westland Limited
Publication Year: 2010
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The shelf should contain a copy of Mahabharata but instead a cardboard box is found. When the box is opened, the sight is shocking. An elite group known as Lashkar-e-Talatashar is scattered around the globe with the sole agenda of Armageddon.

At the Vatican, a beautiful but a dangerous assassin has sworn to eliminate all those who don’t believe in her twisted ideology. The Buddhist monks are searching for a reincarnation in Tibet. The Rozabal tomb located in Kashmir holds the key to an ancient riddle.

Father Vincent Sinclair is having some distressing visions that takes place in different times. He visits India to sew the pieces together. But a covert society is after him who will wipe out the creation instead of allowing the unraveling of the ancient secret. 

Before I go forward with the review of The Rozabal Line, I must comment on the writing style of the Author Ashwin Sanghi. No doubt he has done an extensive research regarding all the facts he has compiled in this theological thriller and he must be appreciated on that behalf. I do respect him for that but the way the narration has been done is unbearable.

When I started reading The Rozabal Line, I could not understand anything at all. There were so many things happening all around the globe and at different periods of time. I felt like I was reading some random notes. But soon, I began understanding things and got used to the narrative. For the readers, although so many things are happening, the core story follows Father Vincent Sinclair and that is where you must pay your major attention at.

Frankly, it took me so much of time to read The Rozabal Line. It was too confusing and too random that I used to forget things the moment I read 10 pages more. At the middle of it, I realized that most of the facts were written in accordance with what was happening with the core storyline and I started skipping bits. And then I started enjoying it gradually.

What I loved about The Rozabal Line is the unraveling of secrets, the sacred cults and the fusion of Christianity with Indian mythology. I almost started liking the book while reading the last fifty pages or so and at the end, I was satisfied with the climax.

For all those who are comparing him with Dan Brown, let us not do that. Dan Brown is my favorite author and the best part about him is the narration which is gripping and interesting. Ashwin Sanghi clearly seems inspired from Brown’s books (The Da Vinci code especially). Though he has managed to throw in so many facts, he is too dull in the narration.

I would suggest The Rozabal Line only to those people who would not mind the dull and messy narration. Even for them, I would like to say that the book is an average one.

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