The Wedding (The Notebook #2) - Review

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Publisher: Time Warner Books
Publication Year: 2004
Purchase At: The Wedding

The Wedding is a sequel to The Notebook. Wilson Lewis and Jane (the daughter of Noah and Allie) have been married for thirty years. Wilson thinks that there is no romance left in their lives. But he is desperate to win Jane’s heart again. The only problem he faces is that he don’t know how?

Wilson is unable to express his feelings which is one of the cause of the distances between him and Jane. Jane lives in sadness of how their relation that once used to be lovely has fallen down.

Their lives are lit up when their daughter Anna decides to marry. This is an appropriate chance for both of them to shed the distance between them as both of them are truly delighted for the marriage of their daughter. But how?

Will Wilson be able to draw Jane closer again? Will this Wedding bring a change in their lives?

I am a big fan of The Notebook. It is one of the best romance fiction I have ever read. Knowing that The Wedding is the sequel to it, there was no reason I would have skipped it.

The book began with how usually Nicholas Sparks begin his books. But surprisingly, it was not boring or maybe I have become used to his writing style. It began with the problems that are too close to real life and I bet so many couples face it in the latter years of their married life. It is now after reading it that I have found it was inspired from a few real life couples.

So the first good thing about The Wedding is how practical the book is. But then I was not sure I will be able to enjoy it since the central theme is the wedding of their daughter and it follows that majorly. But surprisingly it was good; in fact very good.  The reason is simple, the life of Wilson and Jane were also mentioned in between. It comprise of flashbacks which were beautiful for me.

One thing I would like to point out about The Wedding is Noah’s character. The character still amazes me. Not to forget, I loved the interaction with swan. When you read you will understand what I am talking about. Though it may sound silly and childish or a total fantasy; this is what I love about romance fictions, they take you into some other world where everything becomes beautiful.

Critics do say that The Wedding is a clichéd piece. Well yes it is, but it did not matter much when I was reading it. It was simply quiet an easy read and if you have time you would like to finish it without keeping down.

Overall it was a good read but the best part was in the climax which made it a really good read. How sparks ended the book was too beautiful. Of course I can’t put it equal to The Notebook which is epic but I can’t put it much down as well. If you are fond of Nicholas Sparks, I did not find any reason to hate it. Gut wrenching, emotional, heartwarming and beautiful are some adjectives I will like to associate with it. A must read for romance lovers.

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