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Veronica Decides to Die Book Rating

Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher:  Harper Collins Publishers Ind Ltd
Publication Year: 2003
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There is nothing missing from Veronica’s life. She has everything she needs. Her life is pretty normal like everyone else. She is pretty, employed in a steady job, has a loving family, has many handsome boyfriends, enjoys whenever she wants and even goes dancing. But still, there is something missing in her life and she is not happy.

On a fine morning, Veronica Decides to Die. She takes an overdose of sleeping pills and waits for death through her suicide attempt. But when she wakes up, she finds herself in a local hospital named Villette. She is informed that due to the over dosage, her heart is damaged and she does not have long to survive. 

I could have written more in the plot of Veronica Decides to Die but I think that it is best left at this much only. I am not an avid fan of Paulo Coelho. I have just read Eleven Minutes by him which was good but did not create any spark so I could have read more of his books.

When I bought Veronica Decides to Die, it was purely due to the intriguing title. I did not know what was there in the book except the fact that a girl with everything in life decides to take her life. With the same interest I turned the pages of the book and very soon found out that core of the plot is something else.

Veronica Decides to Die talked about life in plain words. In the hospital, there are so many mental patients as well. Coelho has given a brief insight into all the major characters involved and thus we get to know about so many people more. It’s true that the central character is Veronica only but you will realize that her life is interfered by other lives in a vice versa manner. In fact, plenty of stress is paid on the idea of madness. What is madness? Well there is some beautiful explanation in the book.

There are some great philosophies woven into the story of Veronica Decides to Die. Coelho has beautiful crafted some examples. Have you ever wondered why your keyboard is not in alphabetical order but in QWERTY format? You will know the answers when you read the book. Another thing I liked is how the life of Veronica changes when she is in hospital. What happens when someone who committed suicide is saved and told that she has no more than five to seven days left to survive? I loved how Coelho has drafted her character.

Overall, if not great, Veronica Decides to Die is definitely an amazing read. Most of the times you can relate the terms of life with what you read. The only negative thing is a bit dullness in some sections. But other than that, it is totally worth reading. I would definitely pick more from the author in future.

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