what purpose did i serve in your life - Review

Author: Marie Calloway
Publisher: Tyrant Books
Publication Year: 2013
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Marie Calloway's fiction debut, what purpose did i serve in your life, is a depiction of American youth as well as a stake, a chance taken, to find the answer to the following: for a young woman, does the soul exist, is her life more than the organs, or is she incessantly elicited to her body?

Marie has not answered to these questions and rather has acted it out through a chain of entwined stories. The result is a fusillade of viciously self-aware and discerning pieces that take on the meaning of sex, art, and, most of all, endurance in the age of Internet-based sex work and love that can flare and turn to ash in the space of a tweet.

I read ‘what purpose did I serve in your life’ just out of curiosity. The book have been a rage among the American youth and gradually have become the most talked about or criticized work of fiction on international level.

Frankly I was all into the book right from the beginning. It’s not about how good Marie Calloway writes or how poor she is as an author but how closely you can feel her words and relate them with the reality. I could, and it was too shocking and too painful to read. At times, it was really depressing and disturbing especially the pictures she has used in between. The way she has displayed her body throughout in the explicit manner and displayed her wounds without any shame screams of her ambition.

Many people say that ‘what purpose did I serve in your life’ is a pathetic attempt by Calloway to seek attention. So many have even branded her as the ‘Attention Seeking Whore’. But isn’t it thought provoking? After I finished reading it, I could not get it out of mind for several days. Would a human salvage such a teen or would he be a savage under the same circumstances? Isn’t the female gender still depreciated as a sexy symbol? Would not men love to control her as a sex commodity if given a chance?

What I hated in the ‘what purpose did I serve in your life’ was the stretched passages at some places. Also, it was pretty straight forward and just a collection of different incidences. If she could have combined everything to produce a more insightful approach, it could have been a lot better. May be, it is too crude and offensive as well. I was literally disturbed while reading it and to a bit out of the line extent.

Overall, she is not a great writer in terms of literature, but she sure is able to make you think and search for the answers to the questions raised by her in 'what purpose did i serve in your life'. Do not think of it as an adult fiction. At the end of it, you will not be able to determine if it is an autobiographical fiction or what. Read only if you can handle the offensiveness and disturbing nature of it.

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Well I don't know a thing about the book but yes, the point that you raised in the middle of the post was valid. The female gender is indeed under the threat of the ill mentality of some scoundrels.

Anmol Rawat
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Thank you for stopping by :)
Yes you are right.


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