Allegiant (Divergent #3) - Review

Allegiant by Veronica Roth Book Review

Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Publication Year: 2013
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The faction based society has collapsed. There is a choice to be made. Either Tris can keep struggling in the violent chaos or look for the answers in the world outside the fence. She takes up the option of exploring the outer world in the hope that she and Tobias can find a peaceful and simple life outside the fence.

But the reality is nowhere close to what she had assumed it to be. There are a lot of secrets to be learnt and as things uncover, she realizes that the struggle and the fight has only begun.

Allegiant is the third and the final chapter of the Divergent series which follows a Dystopian society. In this book, Veronica Roth has chosen to narrate the story from dual perspective i.e. of Tris and Tobias. She has her reasons for the same which you can only find out after reading it.

Certainly, I again expected Allegiant to be better than the previous. There were many reasons. Insurgent gave way to something new. This new thing was not revealed and thus it could have been expanded into innumerable possibilities. I am not saying that how she has explained the outer world is not significant, but I think there could have been better reasons and better revelations.

Just like I felt in Insurgent, Allegiant was again slow paced for me. Things were crawling at many places. Things start building up in the latter part of the book. There are a lot of choices to be made. I did not like how Roth continues to downgrade the character of Tobias in order to infuse heroism in the character of Tris. I mean it is ok to use the techniques once or may be twice, but not repeatedly.

I don’t know how to react with climax of Allegiant . I felt really sad for how it ended. It was completely unexpected and I for every reason did not want that to happen.

The book lacks the luster and charm that Divergent provided. It follows the track of Insurgent and is not able to lift up to what the first book was. But nonetheless, if you are hooked up with the series, like I was, it is worth reading and a good one.

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