Divergent - Review

Veronica Decides to Die Book Rating

Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher:  Harper Collins Children’s Books 
Publication Year: 2012
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Divergent takes place in a dystopian Chicago where the society is divided into five different factions namely Abnegation (The Selfless), Dauntless (The Brave), Erudite (The Intelligent), Candor (The Honest) and Amity (The Peaceful). On an appointed day every year, all the sixteen year old teenagers have to decide and select the faction in which they want to devote the rest of their lives.

Beatrice Prior belongs to the Abnegation faction but is it the one she wants to stay in forever? During the choosing ceremony, she must make a decision of either staying with her family or being who she really is. She has no choice and she must choose between one. What she does not know is that her choice will bring in consequences that will change her life forever.

I think that is as far as I will go with the plot of Divergent. Basically, it is not quite extensive and giving away a few things in the plot may ruin your reading experience.

First of all, why did I buy this book? From the moment I have finished The Hunger Games Trilogy (which I may review some other time), I have developed interest in fantasies based on the dystopian societies. I wanted to read another series which can offer me equally good experience. I came across the name Divergent while writing a movie preview for the same. The plot caught my attention and I came to know that it is based on a book trilogy by Veronica Roth. I immediately went through Goodreads and found that it is well received by the readers. There was no stopping by and I immediately ordered it.

Well I think I made a right choice as I liked the book a lot. Divergent as well is about a teenager female protagonist who is bold and courageous. I loved how Veronica Roth has built the character and made a hero out of her. She knows how to struggle, she knows how to fight, she knows how to face her enemies and she knows how to channelize her emotions.

The plot of Divergent is refreshing (at least it was for me). I wonder if the future holds such a thing for the mankind. I was hooked into the book from the beginning itself. It is a fast paced narration and you will find time flying by as you turn pages. I found it to be thoroughly entertaining with no dull moments where I was feeling like skipping pages.

Divergent is a smart novel I must say. It keeps you intrigued. While it plays quite easy and light headed in the beginning, things take turn towards the latter part of the book building a good premise for the second installment.

I read some negative reviews stating that Divergent is for kids, that it is a Hunger Games wannabe and stuff. Believe me, don’t believe them and go for it. In no manner can this be related with The Hunger Games other than two things – Female Protagonist and Dystopian Society. Moreover, I am someone who likes to read fantasies and don’t care about the literary forms and stuff as far as it can keep me hooked.

Overall, I liked Divergent and I will definitely be turning the pages of the next book soon.

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