Himalayan Lit Hive 2014, Day 1

Himalayan Lit Hive 2014

Chuck it. I will go alone to the Lit Hive 2014 if no one else is tagging along. After all, I don’t have many reader friends and it is justified at their end. However, Ankit agreed in morning. Unfortunately we were a bit late but luckily, Tisca Chopra was still there. So Ankit had to go for Mohit Chauhan concert just after ten minutes. He asked me and the answer was not difficult. Authors are my heroes and heroines. I can’t miss sessions with them simply. I attended the sessions and I would love to shed some light on all of which I attended.

Acting Smart
with Tisca Chopra and Shubhra Gupta
I was not present in the whole session as I arrived late but I was lucky enough to find her there when I arrived. There were many things discussed other than her book ‘Act Smart’ as well. For what all time I could hear her for I can say, she is an amazing person. It never felt like such a big star is sitting right in front and talking almost like we talk with each other. She also shed some light on the Bollywood industry and even shared her own experience regarding casting couch and how she managed to stay away. It was totally interesting and I loved it.

Tisca Chopra and Shubhra at Lut Hive 2014

Looking into the Rearview
with Raghu Ram and Aastha Atray
A whole lot of people were waiting for Raghu only. It was evident by the crowd and all the hooting and applause. He was written a book and thus the session somehow moved alongside that. But, there were many things he shared about his past and his life before Roadies which was interesting and even inspiring. The guy is not a loud mouth in reality and quite amazing I must say. Even though he is a star, he “remains in his cocoon” as quoted by him and is pretty down to earth. This was an awesome session full of energy.

Raghu Ram and Aastha Atray at Lit Hive 2014

Mythopoeia in the 21st century
with Anand Neelkantan, Col. Kapoor, Christopher Doyle and Dipa Chaudhary
Frankly I did not know any of these names. But then I guess, that is the purpose of these events – to reach out and to strengthen the bond between writers and readers. I haven’t read any mythological fiction other than the Shiva Trilogy which I loved. But I came to know about these authors who have written or has just made their debut in the same genre. Their views regarding mythology especially of Anand Neelkantan were something I could relate to. According to them, there are several versions of mythology which exists in various parts of our nation and thus it gives writers to explore and present with a view that has not being heard of by the mass before the book. I do agree. Knowing the alternate reality is quite important to understand things better. Moreover, such authors are doing a great job in engaging the young readers with mythology. The session was a bit slower than the previous ones but it was interesting.

Stay Hungry Stay Entrepreneurial
with Rashmi Bansal and Sachin Garg
Sachin Garg is as simple as one can get. You can’t say that he is a bestselling author and owner of a publishing house by looking at his simplicity which I truly salutes. So, I had heard of Rashmi Bansal a lot but I had never read or known on the theme she uses in her books. So again, it was informative and briefed me with another author. I am sure after hearing all the things she said regarding Entrepreneurialism and the culture were inspiring and motivating. I am sure, I will pick up her books soon.

A mistake called Love
with Adite Banerjie, Aastha Atray, Reet Singh, Jyoti Singh and Nikita Singh
How could I have missed this session when I knew it will be conducted by one of my favorite author Nikita Singh. I did not know about the other authors but they were really amazing and all four of them made the last session one of the most interesting one. Of course, the theme was Love and thus it was more practical and something that could be related easily. It was quite engaging overall and all the different ideas from these different authors regarding the concept of love and relationships was worth listening to. 

Adite Banerjie, Aastha Atray, Reet Singh, Jyoti Singh and Nikita Singh at Lit Hive 2014

So that was the last session and that was the time I got up for the first time. The sessions were so good that I simply could not miss any. It was a day worth spent with so much of knowledge and inspiration gained. I whole heartedly thank Sachin Garg and the entire team for making the event possible.

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