Himalayan Lit Hive 2014, Day 2

So, I was back to Pragati Maidan again on Sunday. It was the second day of the Himalayan Lit Hive 2014. There were some interesting panels lined up today as well. I will brief you with the ones I attended.

Freedom of Speech
By G. Sampath and Urvashi Butalia
Urvashi Butalia!
As the name suggests, this panel was regarding the freedom of speech and how the authors are continually deprived of this right. For me, the session was delightful. I truly agree with freedom of speech notion and whatever the speakers said was appropriate. I also came to know about the case against Wendy Doniger for her book ‘The Hindus – An Alternative History’. It is sad that writers are often threatened for going against the things that have been followed blindly over the generations. One brilliant thing that G. Sampath said was that we can only see a change if you offend. I loved the session completely. There were some arguments as well which were answered quite well eventually.

Bubblegum Feminism – Fad or Reality
With Nikita Singh, Madhuri Banerjee, Rohit Gore and Ira Trivedi
I have heard about these authors but have read only Nikita Singh so far. For some reasons, the topic was changed but it eventually turned into the same direction. I must say Madhuri Banerjee was just outstanding in this session. I loved all her replies and her answers were often enjoyable. The views regarding Feminism were really light weighing by all three of them (Rohit Gore was the one questioning). I believe that is how it should be. “Women are equal to men but it is unfair to say that women are better or ahead than men. Men and Women go through the same things and same life.” These were the words by Nikita Singh and I totally agree.
One thing that I did not like about the session was the people who were making so much of noise that the panelists were not able to freely interact and were clearly annoyed. I was annoyed too. The topic was interesting and I was literally enjoying the session. People should understand that it is disrespectful. Unfortunately, they had to wind up the session pretty soon.

Rohit Gore, Madhuri Banerjee, Ira Trivedi and Nikita-Singh at Lit Hive 2014

The Paperback Revolution
With Ravinder Singh and Sachin Garg
I have one thing to say in simple words. Ravinder Singh is truly a charmer and so down to earth. He knows he is a best seller with such a huge fan following. But still he says, “I’m an author by chance.” One thing I hate about me is that I have not read any of his book till now. The reason being, I have been told the story over and over by so many people. But surely I will read the books soon. This session was interesting. Ravinder Singh told about his future plans as well and how he is working for bringing up new authors. 

Ravinder Singh and Sachin Garg at Lit Hive 2014

Truth is stranger than fiction
With Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Anna Vetticad
The hall was full by the time this session started. The guy has a huge fan following including me. Even though being such a good actor, he is such a gentleman with a nature so down to earth. It was great and inspiring to hear about his struggle and how he made his place in the Bollywood. You get to learn a lot from people like him. His story is quite moving and just like Anna said, it seems exaggerated and fake if you don’t know that it is real. Loved the session and it was worth.

Beside these sessions, there were a few things which made my day even brighter. There was a book giveaway in the morning. The book was ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Sachin Garg, my favorite from him. The question was “Who was the author of Dracula?” My hand was raised involuntarily before I could realize. Bram Stoker was the answer. I knew it. But the person hosting the event asked me to name two other books by the author and I was silent. “I don’t know”, I said. “I don’t know either”, he replied with a laugh. So I just won a book. I rushed to receive it and then I rushed towards Sachin Garg and got it signed by him.

Signed Copy of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg

I had brought ‘The Promise’ by Nikita Singh just to get it signed by her. I had to literally jump over the bags of people sitting in my line to reach for her and by the time I reached her, she was busy talking with someone. But she looked at me and I asked showing the book. She signed it and the book is now a priceless possession of mine. 

Signed Copy of The Promise by Nikita Singh

When all the sessions ended, I approached Sachin Garg for a picture. Like I said that he is so down to earth, he did not deny. And then I was all nervous. Why? I needed a picture with Nikita Singh. But how should I ask her for the same? I rejected the idea half a dozen times before actually gathering courage to ask her for that. She agreed! I was literally on cloud 9. I’m a big fan and she’s a dream crush. So, it was really really awesome for me. I could not help but have a stupid grin on my face till I slept that day. I’m having it still while writing it.

Anmol Rawat with Sachin Garg at Lit Hive 2014

Anmol Rawat with Nikita Singh at Lit Hive 2014

Overall, it was an amazing experience. I would like to thank the entire team and most of all Sachin Garg for organizing such a good event. I got to know about so many authors, learnt so many things and was inspired quite much.

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Urvashi Butalia!
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