Insurgent (Divergent #2) - Review

Insurgent Veronica Roth Book Review

Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher:  Harper Collins Children’s Books 
Publication Year: 2012
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Tris has survived the attack on her former faction but had to pay a terrible price for that. Drowned with grief, guilt and sorrow, she becomes even more reckless. But for a silver lining, she is now more determined to uncover the truth about her world. As she follows the leads, she realizes that there are a lot of secrets unknown to the people in the society.

I was very much excited to read Insurgent after I liked Divergent and may be that can be a reason why I was disappointed a bit. Fore mostly, I don’t know practically how else would have Veronica Roth proceeded with the storyline but yes, it could have been shortened.

The first book was entertaining and Beatrice Prior came up as a promising protagonist. In Insurgent, the things have taken a dark turn and the novel goes all serious suddenly. But what I did not like much was the stretchy descriptions and unnecessary conversations. In the mid, the book was hollow and steady. It was towards the end that I started feeling the same interest again and no doubt, the climax was highly satisfying leaving a promising plot for the final book.

Tris or Beatrice Prior became more reckless in Insurgent and I particularly did not like that. Reckless is and was nice till a limit but taking that serious actions without thinking about other people was unintelligent as well. I thought the protagonist was intelligent.

If only, Insurgent was a little short on pages, I would have rated it more as then, the things would have progressed fast. But still, if you liked Divergent, it is worth progressing with Insurgent. It is surely a nice read and now I am hoping to begin with Allegiant soon. I am curious to what happens next after the big revelation.

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