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Advantage Love Madhuri Banerjee Review

Advantage Love Book Rating

Author: Madhuri Banerjee
Publisher: Rupa Publications India 
Publication Year: 2014
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Advantage Love follows up around a female protagonist named Trisha Mathur who leaves her hometown Lucknow for completing her studies in Delhi. Amidst her studies, she finds Vedant Kirloskar, a politician-in-the-making and is instantly attracted towards him. Their relationship takes an unexpected turn differences start developing between them. Trisha has to part ways with Vedant and is truly broken to the core.

In the usual course of life, she meets Abhimanyu, an Indian-International tennis star. He brings back happiness into her life and Trisha starts recovering and rediscovering life in his company. But fate brings Vedant in her life again.

Does she still loves Vedant? Does Vedant deserves a second chance? Do the differences that created a rift between their relationship earlier can be mended? Does Abhimanyu truly loves Trisha? Who is it whom Trisha truly loves? 

I must say Advantage Love is as complex as you might expect in terms of relationship and feelings. But let me tell you that it is one easy read which you can finish off quite quickly if you have that much of spare time.

Madhuri Banerjee has developed the characters in Advantage Love quite well. Also, she is not biased towards any of the characters. Each and every character has been put on the wrath of emotions. Even the lead character Trisha is not a perfect person. But the thing is that she finds what’s right through her experiences. It is not fate that is bringing her what’s best for her but her choices that affect her.

I could sense reality while reading Advantage Love. These conflicts are a part of relationships these days. The issues that she has raised are real and that is what I liked the most. The best part of the book is saved for the last. It is a pool of emotions that will submerge you into it.

Overall, I liked the book. I won’t say that it is the best out there but it’s really good and worth reading if you like to read Romance Fictions.

I did not know about the author of Advantage Love – Madhuri Banerjee. I saw her and heard her for the first time in the Lit Hive that took place in Pragati Maidan earlier this year. I liked her session quite much and that was when I decided to read one of her book. Luckily I won a signed copy of Advantage Love in a giveaway by Goodreads.

Sometimes you need someone who can match your voltage, not fuse your light.

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Thanks for the review, the book is on my reading wishlist now :)


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