Diary of a Bookworm

“Why do you buy so many books? Have you even finished the lot you bought from the book fare? Or even the ones that you ordered online before that?” my mom asked me.

“Well I had free purchase coupons, I told you. The books came for free literally.” I replied shining my teeth like an armor.

“Ya, I know and I also know that you got a good bargain at the book fare and you could not resist.” She said throwing up her hands in the air.

“Exactly!” I said while opening the package that had just arrived.

“So what was it now?” she asked seeking my excitement.

“There is this site which has gone crazy and offering cashback on the already discounted books.” I replied with a wide grin. “20% to be exact. I wish I had more spare money at present so I could have bought more.” I added.

“God help me with you and your books”, she said waving a gesture I have become acquainted with in the past year.

But I was too busy to listen. Opening them, seeing their covers and then shelving them in the cupboard is an exciting thing for me.

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