Free Coupons are like a Miracle

Harshit: “100 ki 2! 100 ki 2!” Have you thought about it?”
Me: Wouldn’t we love to bargain even then? It will be like “bhaiya bekar movie hai. Thik thik laga lo. 80 de denge.”

Harshit: You’re such a cheap dude.
Me: Look who’s talking! The guy who makes several accounts on bookmyshow to earn Rs. 50 cashback.

Harshit: You learn from your surrounding bro. Why can’t I see someone else sitting by my side? Oh it’s just you in my surrounding.
Me: Bro seriously! When will you start making jokes of your own? I always find you copying mine.

Phone rings

Ankit: Where are you?
Me: At your girlfriend’s place.

Ankit: Tu ni jayega ab!
Me: Where are we going?

Ankit: I’ve got coupons for the Worlds of Wonders.
Me: Damn! How much?

Ankit: 50% off!
Me: Mother of… are you kidding me. We’re going like, right now.

Ankit: Yes we are! Have already told Tarun about it.
Me: But how?

Ankit: There was this online shopping site where they were giving 50% off coupons on purchase of every 1500rs worth clothes.
Me: And?

Ankit: I bought some for my brother with his card. Coupons are mine though coz he don’t know anything about it.
Me: You crazy….

Ankit: Don’t waste time now.  See you guys in 20.
Me: Where?

Ankit: Abey jahan har baar milte hain wahin.
Me: Right!

Disconnects phone

Me: If your poor jokes are over, we are going to the Worlds of Wonders.
Harshit: Kisne bank loota?

Me: 50% off dude.
Me: If you are out of shock, shall we go.

Harshit: Whoa!
Me: Wow! What an early reaction.

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