Online Shopping is a Boon

I am a regular reader at present. I used to read a lot back in school days. While other students issued textbooks from the library, I used to get fictions issued. It was always a pleasant feeling to read them. The fantasy world that it offered was astounding. But somehow, I lost the habit somewhere after the schooling.

I came across sudden bookstalls while just hanging out at any anonymous places but I had no clue about the authors and even spending that much on fictions was something I could not afford at that time. Soon I got internet and then like so many other people I started reading online only. I know that’s a bad thing and should not be supported. But trust me, the feel of holding the book in your hand and turning away pages is a lot more exquisite than staring at the TFT display.

After that, new sites like Flipkart came into being (Amazon was there from long before but I never stumbled over it). I just happened to cross the bookstore of Flipkart while looking for good bargain in the electronics department.

This was when I was attracted towards books again. The reason is simple, there are so many offers and so many discounts or even cashback on brand new books. Also, since the online shopping has taken a book, so many other websites have been launched as well. You can always browse through the never ending catalogues of everything till something suits you.

Browsing through products has become a part time hobby. You can’t leave everything on luck. There are so many offers or coupons available at certain periods of time where if you drop in, you can practically save a lot of money. That is what I do. I just wait for the offers or discounts and when I can get a good bargain, I just snatch it.

Of course, online shopping has been a boon for me. And if I talk particularly about books, I have forgotten the moment I bought anything not from an online store. It’s all there whenever you want and there is no hassle. Certainly other than saving money, saves a lot of time too.

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kate sumner
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Thank you so much for sharing a lot of this good content..

Elsa Anna
June 7, 2014 at 2:44 AM delete

Your Blog is wonderful, I am fascinated by the facts that you just have on this weblog.


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