Happy Birthday Apara

Happy Birthday Apara

I can blabber a lot but it is these type of situations that leave me clueless. Obviously, I have no intention of writing poetry for you. :GRINNING:

A wish for you dear,
Success shall turn out of the pains you bear;
The tears shall fade,
As blissful happiness invade.

The chats we had and the bond we share,
I wish that it will always adhere;
If it don’t, and you don’t care,
I will kill you if you even try to dare.  :D :D

I know I’m bad but that just came out of no-where. :GRINNING:

Wishing you a Happy Birthday dear. I don’t know how but we do understand each other even though I’m a difficult one. It’s always refreshing and great to talk to you. For some reason, we share some sort of same mentality and that works out really well.

Since, you call me your brother, so it is a wish for a younger sister (even though you are more mature at so many things :p). I don’t know what else to say and I don’t want to bore you to death on the day when you shall have loads of fun (:p). So, I wish you a Happy Birthday again and I do wish that you keep enjoying life like you have been and there are tons of joyful moments ahead. It's good to have you in my life. The reason - SIMPLY! :D

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