One Vote can bring the Change

One Vote can bring the Change

Even I felt same like so many other people many years back when I was a child. How can one vote make a difference? But as I grew up, I understood the value of one vote; I understood how voting is a right that I have been blessed with and so many other people living in other countries are deprived of. But I surely wonder if I could understand it while growing, then why not everybody else can? I am certainly not the most intelligent one. Sorry for being blunt but I have heard many highly qualified people talking against voting as well. Those are the same people that make a fuzz out of everything and exaggerate how our governing parties are looting the cash out of our pockets; how they are leading India to corruption; how no safety measures are being implemented for women; how we are facing the hiked prices of everything ranging from the basic needs to the luxurious need.

But when it was their responsibility to vote and elect a person or a party that can work better and can bring out changes, they were dozing off in their beds or just hanging out celebrating the holiday. Who gives them a right to speak anything then?

I wanted to post this yesterday but there were some issues with my broadband connection and so I could not. A friend of mine Haard Dave worked as the Creative Director with his group to make this short movie that symbolizes the importance of ONE VOTE. It is better if I don’t write much and allow you to watch the video instead. They have focused on many things and being the first attempt at movie making, I think they have done a great job. We do need such things to spread more awareness. We need to wake up and understand our responsibilities. Do share the video if you like it and support them in the cause.

To see a change, you must be the change.

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