Star Sports Changed the Way I Follow the Game

For a nation that is crazy for cricket, everything you do to show your craziness is seemingly already tried by someone else. But who is looking up for coming out as an exceptional case? All we try is to make sure we run along well with the thrills and chills of the matches and make sure we don’t miss anything. Since the world has become fast and advance, it was likely that the IPL matches will pick up the interest of even those who have lost interest in the normal cricket matches and will flare up the interest of those who still love the cricket in its pure form as well.

IPL has become a rage among the Indian youth and almost everybody other than the youth is hooked up to it as well. The reasons are simple the intensity of thrills and surprises is unparalleled. Every cricket fan justifies the craziness in some or other ways. I have some of mine own (which I believe many others share as well).

Since every locality has IPL fanatics, mine is not any different. So it has been quite common that we contribute our shares to fix up a huge screen and book for a delicious dinner in the nearby park/ground for the crucial matches or the finale. We don’t want to miss a shot and the dedicated screen helps us follow the desire. A lot of other people gather to watch as well (without contributing a penny), but who cares, all we want to do is just shout our heart out for the boundaries or sixes made by our favorite team and hoot at every wicket of the opposite team.

Of course, other than that, if you are an IPL fan, you must have visited a stadium to witness the live match at least once. I have done it a few times myself and I surely believe that hooting, shouting, cheering and even dancing for your favorite team is no less crazy. It is a unique experience which everybody (every cricket fan) must experience and of course, if you don’t want to miss a shot, it suffices perfectly. I am posting a pic of mine here as well. 

Other than that, there is one other interesting thing I did. I had a FM transmitter (pocket sized) which I took with me to my school once just because no one would allow me to take a holiday for watching match. So I just inserted the earphone wire into my sleeve and throughout the match, I was just holding an earphone to my ear and covering it with my palm so that it appears to the teachers that I am sitting keeping my palm on the side of my face. (Do not try this stunt while sitting in the front few seats. I was the last bencher.)

But all that was sometime back. As you grow up, you find it difficult to arrange for such things as you have a tiring job where your boss is reluctant to offer you any holiday for a cricket match. That is where starsports.com come in. There can be two cases, either you have a holiday or you are free at the time when the match is going live, or you are still stuck with your overtime job or are busy with any of those unexpected things. For both of these two cases, the website has emerged as a boon.

Considering the first case, you are free and even your friend is free. But you are not at home or you don’t have the leisure of a cable connection or dish connection at that particular time. Deferred Live is surely for you and for me. You can enjoy free and live (only five minutes delayed) video stream in any of your devices – desktop, laptops, tablets or even your smart phones. That features comes in handy so many times and is definitely sort of a miracle.

For the second case that you can’t enjoy the live match, there is that Action Recap feature that lets you catch up with the match quickly and completely at any time. So you can enjoy the match even if you were not able to catch up at live time.

For me, these two features are something I love about the new starsports.com and definitely have changed the way I follow the game. But if I am asked to pick just one, it will definitely be Deferred Live feature.

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