Christopher Nolan: The God of Modern Cinema

Who does not know the name Christopher Nolan? A creative and talented genius who is often regarded as the God of the Modern Cinema is definitely a Role Model for numerous people who are passionate about the cinema. Even though he made his debut back in ’97 with a short movie Doodlebug (I’m sharing the video here after this paragraph. If you haven’t watched it, do watch it), most of the people came across the name only in 2005 when Batman Begins was released. However the true madness began with The Dark Knight.

Only a few people know that for directing his masterpiece Memento, he did not have enough funds for which he made Following with an ultra-low budget. Due to shortage of funds, they used to rehearse every shot multiple times so that when it was shot with the camera, they did not have to re-take. Following was a major hit in the film festivals and seeking the positive reception, he requested people to donate as little as possible so that he can make a bigger and better movie. Memento was a huge hit and was regarded as a modern cult thriller. After that, there was no looking back as he was supported by production houses. With the immense success, he formed his own production house with his wife Emma Thomas.

I’m a huge fan but you might be thinking why he is a role model to me? Fore mostly, Nolan is as passionate about his work as it can get. He has his own set of rules which are certainly not hindered with the promises of monetary or commercial success. He refused the extra pay by Warner Bros. for creating The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises in 3D. Of course, it would have generated a lot more money but he denied it straight forward. The reason is the loss of color quality and brightness due to the 3D glasses. He believes that the technology is taking us away from what’s real and thus tries to use minimum CGI and visual effects. He still refuses to use Digital Intermediates for his films and prefers shooting on film stock.

He is as dedicated towards his works as it can get.
Films are subjective-what you like, what you don't like. But the thing for me that is absolutely unifying is the idea that every time I go to the cinema and pay my money and sit down and watch a film go up on-screen, I want to feel that the people who made that film think it's the best movie in the world, that they poured everything into it and they really love it. Whether or not I agree with what they've done, I want that effort there-I want that sincerity. And when you don't feel it, that's the only time I feel like I'm wasting my time at the movies. 
He pours in everything he can into the movie. With every other movie, he feels that the audience should feel that this is the best movie they have seen till now. No doubt why six of his eight movies sit proudly in the IMDB’s list of top 250 movies of all times.

He is as professional and hard working as it can get. Most of the directors (who are directing big budget movies) have a second unit who watches over the action sequences usually or the important huge shots of the movie. But he has always refused to get any second unit.
If I don't need to be directing the shots that go in the movie, why do I need to be there at all? The screen is the same size for every shot. The little shot of, say, a watch on someone's wrist, will occupy the same screen size as the shot of a thousand people running down the street. Everything is equally weighted and needs to be considered with equal care, I really do believe that. I don't understand the criteria for parceling things off. Many action films embrace a second unit taking on all of the action. For me, that's odd because then why did you want to do an action film?
He does not have a cellphone or an email account. He says that he does not need one as he don’t have time to indulge himself in that. He along with his brother prepared the script and screenplay of the iconic sci-fi fiction Inception for ten years. For him, perfection is what matters a lot.

No doubt why he is tagged the God of Modern Cinema and often compared with the legends like Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick. He is my idol for his passion, his dedication, his hard work and his professionalism towards his work. It’s a shame that the Oscar has still not awarded him even a single time despite of his groundbreaking achievements.

I never considered myself a lucky person. I'm the most extraordinary pessimist. I truly am.

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