Stating Opinion was Never this Easy

First of all, I would like to thank BlogAdda for shortlisting me for the review program and introducing me to this amazing site State.Com.

I have been using this site for three days now. At first, I really did not know what to do. But the user friendly interface gave away everything soon. I was soon posting topics and sharing my opinions of several things without any hassle. So first of all I would like to congratulate the development and design team for the user friendly and eye-catchy interface. All the things you need are right in front of you.

I really like the idea of the site. Frankly speaking, all of us wants to state our opinions of one or the other thing every day and every time. It is human nature and nobody can run from it. So, the site suffices those cravings magnificently. But then there is a big problem with mankind that is handled by the site flawlessly. Even though we would like to poke our opinions on almost everything, we are always deprived of the precious time. No one wants to spend hours writing an opinion and then sharing it with the world. This is where State.Com scores a maximum.

The steps to showcase your opinions are pretty simple and takes no time. What else did we need right? You just have to click on any topic and you are allowed to tag three pre-defined opinions with that topic. Of course there is space allowing you to include a comment as well. There are plethora of pre-defined tags but if you are still missing anything, you can suggest the word and it will be added to database soon if found worthy. What more, you can even create a topic of your own.

For the three days I have been using the site, I have been quite busy but still, I hit the url on my browser whenever I want a 10 minutes break. Browsing through the trending topics or the personalized topics is a time killer and refreshing at the same time.

Every time you state an opinion on the site, you can see three type of graphical data. The first one is a graph that tells you if your opinion matches with the other opinions or not. It’s great to know if there are other people who thinks like you. The second one tells you the top word groups. Now, what is that? You tagged up to three words while stating your opinion. This graph tells you if your tagged words are in the top group of words or not. The third graph is the sentiment range. It shows a graphical data of the positive and negative opinions about the topic.

These three graphs makes it even more interesting. The next thing is the sharing Facebook and Twitter buttons. Join your friends or invite them in your conversations to double up the whole fun.

There are plenty of topics on the site and there are so many users stating their opinions. For me, the site carries a fresh concept that is likely to attract many people. I’m having a lot of fun already and find it amazing. I would recommend everybody to check it out and you won’t regret it. 

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