Day 3: English Hons Degree

Eng Hons Degree: Day 3 of 100 Happy Days

Don't think that I am so late in graduating. I graduated with English Hons. back in 2011 and as you can see, I started in 2008 highlighting the fact that I was able to it in one go without any Repeat. Let us not go into the details of how I managed it. Of course I did not use any illegal methods. I just studied but that line was meant to emphasize on how much I studied. Since I have started the topic, I just studied in the official breaks between the papers. 

Let us now move back to the day 3 of 100 Happy Days Challenge. So, I received my degree today. I don't know what took them so long but finally I did. Even though you know that you are a graduate, having the official degree as the proof is really a moment of happiness.

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