Day 12: Giani's Rabri Faluda

Giani's Rabri Faluda: Day 12 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Yesterday only I had mentioned about how food in all its forms will be an integral part of my 100 Happy Days Challenge and today I have another one to add to the category. It was too hot in Delhi today and I was at a friend’s place just enjoying the weekend.

Seeking the hot and humid climate we decided to seek solace in the Giani’s outlet at Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. The plan was to have my all-time favorite Caramel Mocha Sundae but the moment I laid my eyes on the Faluda section (which I was not aware of till now), there was nothing else I wanted. It was delicious and that’s the shortest possible review you will ever find on it. But do go for it when you come across an outlet and you won’t regret it.

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