Day 45: 60 Minutes Review Copy

60 Minutes by Upendra Namburi Review Copy: Day 45 of 100 Happy Days

I was shortlisted again for the BlogAdda Book Review Program and this book was delivered at my doorstep neatly wrapped in with a personalized note from BlogAdda team. I have not read any other book by this author but since I have been reading thrillers these days, I decided to give ‘60 minutes’ a try.

I can’t wait to start reading it as the concept seems nice to me (whatever was written on the blurb). I’ll start reading soon if I don’t get busy somewhere else. As usual, I’ll be posting the review the moment I finish reading it. So if you’re confused yourself whether to pick up the book or not, wait for a while and I’ll be sorting out that issue for you.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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