Day 47: Completing Ultimate Blogging Challenge (August)

Completing Ultimate Blogging Challenge (August) - Day 47 of 100 Happy Days

I shared this badge proudly when I completed the Ultimate Blogging Challenge in July. This was the first time I had participated and I felt great that I could complete it in the first try itself. 

Participating in this challenge certainly boosted my traffic and then I was all set to take up the challenge this month as well. Today I'm proudly posting this badge again as I have completed the challenge for the month of August as well. You can go to my sitemap to find all the posts that I posted in this month.I had completed my 31 posts long back but I decided to keep this post for the end of the month. I'm happy that I could keep up with the regular posting straight for two months.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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September 4, 2014 at 11:11 AM delete

Cool Anmol and congrats! I know how 'efforting' that is! ;) (I just invented that word!) Like you, I displayed that badge as Day 1 of this "Ultra Blog Challenge." Great minds think alike? ;) 100 more for you? ;) I haven't read as many of your posts prior as I wanted to, hoping I would catch up and never did...hopefully I will 'keep up' as best I can reading yours and other blog posts. ;)

Anmol Rawat
September 7, 2014 at 11:27 PM delete

He He I like that word ;)
Oh that's perfectly fine. Even I'm not able to read all the posts by everyone though I want to. But that's fine as everyone is busy with something or the other.
That's so nice of you :)
Thank you :)


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