Day 40: Flipkart Voucher for My Role Model Video Activity

Flipkart Voucher for My Role Model Video Activity: Day 40 of 100 Happy Days

BlogAdda was a reason for a smile on my face today as well. I had participated in My Role Model Video activity and if you have not seen my post, you can follow this link to read it and watch it. It was an amazing activity really and that was the first time ever I had made a digital film. Of course I did not have professional equipment but still I have my fingers crossed for the results.

Yeah you read it right. This voucher was just for the participation. The result for the winner of the activity is still pending. Anyways, I’m also attaching the video here. Do watch and do leave your comments.

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Lisa Mallis
August 28, 2014 at 2:25 AM delete

Great video!!! I'm impressed by both the content and the visual presentation! AWESOME!


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