Day 46: Fun Day with Family

Fun Day with Family: Day 46 of 100 Happy Days

It was a shopping day along with family, cousins and nephews and monsoons had to arrive today only. It rained and rained and rained the whole day; sometimes heavy and sometimes feeble sprinkles. But who cares. You know I love to drive in rain right?

I’m not one of those guys who love shopping but then, it gives you a chance to spend some time with your loved ones (and sometimes it is necessary). Since I’m not fond of it, I’ll skip the vivid description and extensive details. (All you guys can thank me for sparing you.)

Another amusing thing for me was using the multi-level parking for the first time. I felt like a complete noob while doing it. But then it was my first time and the first times are usually a little edgy.

Then, to end the day, we ate our stomach full at a fast food shop. What did we eat? Maggi-Pasta, Garlic Bread, Masala Chaap and Cold Coffee. Just to tell you, it was delicious.

Other than that, we enjoyed a lot (like we always do) and it was a fun day overall. Thus, tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.
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