Day 42: I Support Mardaani Track Pants

I Support Mardaani Track Pants: Day 42 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Remember my post about receiving a personalized letter from Rani Mukerji for my post A Courageous Act? Well that was totally unexpected. And here I have received one more thing to add to it.

These I support Mardaani Track Pants were delivered today by BlogAdda. Thank you again for it. Of course, they are not for me. The post was about my sister and this belongs to her too.

Also, I watched the movie and I must say that after long, I saw some sensible cinema from Bollywood. I liked the movie and Rani Mukerji did really well as the lead. It emphasized on a serious issue of our society and unfolded a harsh reality. Thumbs up for the movie.

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