Day 23: Memories of School Days

Memories of School Days: Day 23 of 100 Happy Days

I usually forget to see any picture that is tagged to me as I hardly open pictures in my phone (saving that little 3g data). By the time I sit on my PC, that notification has usually gone down. So, I noticed this picture today which was uploaded on Facebook by a school friend on Friendship Day to bring back some memories of school days.

I don’t believe my eyes when I see myself in this snap. It refurbished the nostalgia of the school days. I looked so different then. Has the time passed so quickly? Anyhow, this picture really killed a few minutes of my life as I was lost recreating that exact moment in my mind. This picture was taken on the Signature Day (where we sign each others' shirts and write personal messages). It was really fun.

I really thank the guy for posting it as it really brought a huge smile on my face today as the memories of school days rushed in my mind. Undoubtedly, I’m tagging this picture in my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

PS: Spot me if you can.

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I loved school, I would love to one day go back


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