Savoring Paper Boat Drinks: A Review

Paper Boat Drinks Review

First of all I would like to say that I had not tasted any flavor of the Paper Boat drinks till now and so I would like to thank the Paper Boat team for giving me the opportunity to review their products.

I received seven different flavors in the package sent by their team and I guess that include all of the release flavors. I would begin with the order of the photo I have shared:

Jamun Kala Khatta

I really don’t like jamun and so, my review will be mostly valid for those who share my taste. I did not like this flavor. The taste is not appealing to the taste buds. I can’t complain much as it is a natural drink but still, if they are adding spices and sugar to add to the taste, I think this needs a major improvement. Probably they would want even the people who don’t like jamun to enjoy the drink and thus they should try to improve it. It was not bad but it was not good as well.

Paper Boat Jamun Kala Khatta Drink Review

Paper Boat Jamun Kala Khatta Drink Rating

Aam Panna

This flavor is definitely for everybody. I loved it. It will suffice as a perfect thirst quencher in the hot summers and probably it is aimed at that only. I don’t know if any other ready to drink aam panna is available in market or not but I have seen these in so many shops. Next time, I see it, I will definitely grab it. The only thing that would have enhanced the taste is a bit more sugar for those who don’t like it all sour and salty. But otherwise, thumbs up for it.

Paper Boat Aam Panna Drink Review

Paper Boat Aam Panna Drink Rating


I liked this flavor but it is not much different from the already popular brand drinks like Frooti, Slice and Maaza. Of course the difference is that paper boat drinks use no preservative and colors but do you think that matter much to the people? It depends from person to person I guess. There’s nothing bad about it but I feel that this is not one of the original flavors and has nothing different to it.

Paper Boat Aamras Drink Review

Paper Boat Aamras Drink Rating


This is the worst flavor for me and I believe they should discontinue it immediately. I don’t know how one can drink it as it tasted like some medicinal syrup to me. It left me with such a bad taste that I had to open up another flavor to make it normal again. The less I say about it, the better it will be.

Paper Boat Kokum Drink Review

Paper Boat Kokum Drink Rating

Golgappe Ka Pani

I’m sure everybody loves golgappe or pani puri. Introducing a flavor for the same was a clever move. I know every one of you must have drunk the actual golgappe ka pani so many times but this one is not exactly like it. It has a different taste to it. I feel that the fact does not matter as I just loved it. But beware, it is sour. If you don’t like sour drinks, you might not like it as much (but then you would not have liked the actual golgappe ka pani too right?). The next time you see any outlet that has paper boat drinks, just go for this flavor and you will love it for sure.

Paper Boat Golgappe Ka Pani Drink Review

Paper Boat Golgappe Ka Pani Drink Rating


I loved it. It is definitely a strong competitor against the previous flavor I mentioned. It’s less sour and thus more suitable for wide raged consumers. I have not drunk such a delicious jaljeera in long time. Again, you will find the taste to be a bit different than actual jaljeera but it is awesome. Great job paper boat team, this flavor is really one of the best among the lot.

Paper Boat Jaljeera Drink Review

Paper Boat Jaljeera Drink Rating

Imli Ka Amlana

This is one of the sour flavors and I’m pretty sure not all people will like it. I anyhow liked it even though it can be improved. Do you like imlis? If you like them, you will like the drink but if you don’t you can definitely choose from a whole range of varieties. Thumbs up for the creative flavor though. I don’t think you will ever find any other such drink in the market.

Paper Boat Imli Ka Amlana Drink Review

Paper Boat Imli Ka Amlana Drink Rating

Before I conclude with my review, I would like to say that this initiative by Paper Boat Drinks is definitely worth appreciation. We usually find aerated drinks in the market to quench our thirsts which ironically lowers the water level of our body instead. Even if you look at the brands like Frooti, the choice is limited. In such a scenario, Paper Boat drinks are a relief especially because there is a whole range of flavors that have not been released so far by any other brand. These Indian flavors surely tantalize the taste buds and that is a big positive point.

Other than that, Paper Boat drinks do not contain any preservative, added flavors or colors. These are natural drinks with natural taste that is hard to find these days. So, I will surly encourage the team by saying that the drinks are really good and the extensive range of flavors will make sure they suit everybody’s taste.

Have you tried them yet? My favorites are definitely Golgappe Ka Pani and Jaljeera. What are yours?

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September 5, 2014 at 11:46 PM delete

More than their drinks I like those teeny weeny lines on each pack. Full of nostalgia!
My favorite is AamPanna. Its a winner! I hated the Jamun one!


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