Day 38: Personalized letter from Rani Mukerji

Personalized letter from Rani Mukerji: Day 38 of 100 Happy Days

I had participated in the Mardaani Contest on BlogAdda. In the contest we had to share a real story of a Mardaani who stood up for herself in the moment of need. I wrote about a real incident that happened with my sister. You can read the post here.

Unfortunately, my post was not among the top three but today, I received a personalized message from Rani Mukerji which really made my day. These small things matter a lot actually. It boosts you up and gives you strength to participate in more and more contests. As much small this gesture may seem to others, it is definitely a big thing for the one who participated.

Since this sweet gesture of Rani Mukerji and the team brought a smile on my face, I’m tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge

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